Games Workshop stole my name!

Krondys has been my nom de web for more than 20 years now. It was my username on the Dope before I decided I was into that whole “brevity” thing when we switched to Discourse. Used to be the case that if you were to Google it, various postings in various places from yours truly would be the only thing that came up, since it was a name I made up for a fantasy story I was writing in my teens… but now, my name has been stolen by Games Workshop (creator of the Warhammer franchises)! They released a new model for Age of Sigmar last month; Krondys, son of Dracothion.

I only found out because I happened to visit a GW store (my first time!) while I was on vacation last month and they had this bastard out front and center! Couldn’t even give something from a cool faction my name, it had to be Stormcast Eternals… grumble grumble

I was playing Pathfinder: Kingmaker a while ago. I named my paladin “Atalia,” which (AFAIK) I made up on the spot as a sort of generic fantasy-ish name for a female character.

Near the end of the game, I run into this NPC:

If you search my username in Google, most of those hits are me. Not all, but most of the top ones.

But my name is technically a real word in Japanese. Sort of. In the way that “ice cream beaver” is made of real English words but put together is kind of nonsense, though you could theoretically have a beaver-shaped treat made of ice cream. So it’s not really something I take ownership over.

Also, I usually just go by “Atama” in most places but for whatever reason it wasn’t available at the time. (I don’t believe I’ve seen a user named “Atama” on SDMB, I can’t find one, but, meh.) Atama was my high school nickname from Japanese class so I adopted it online too.

I had an idea since I was a kid of a future story where basically the United States is forced to face off against a United America’s, basically Mexico to Argentina all decide to unite and invade the United States in a reverse Manifest Destiny and the plot involved the United States having to build a heavily fortified DMZ along the current Southern border. I just thought it would be a cool pulp piece despite how improbable it was.

Then in 2013 Activision must have ran out of all ideas because that’s literally the plot to the video game Call of Duty: Ghosts.