Gaming the Social Security System

Apparently, using an imaginary number as your Social Security number is very effective, and makes it possible for you to drop out of society completely.

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However, is using a made up SSN a crime?

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Using a made up SSN is probably not a crime, in and of itself, but one would have to assume that the only reason to use a bogus number would involve some attempt to evade taxes, or to collect benefits to which one is not entitled, and those activities certainly are criminal.

I was referring not to using a made-up number, but to using an imaginary number, like the square root of a negative number. Or maybe using a number like pi. Maybe that’s what jimbino was trying to do when he attempted to start this thread, and his post, as a consequence, simply winked out of existence!

The department of labor does occasionally audit employers to verify that their employees have valid SSNs, to catch illegal aliens who’ve purchased I.D. We lost 70 employees in a day because we hadn’t been verifying valid SSNs. Now we do.

What about social security as a game? Your only making about 2% of what you put in sez the Cato Institute. Furthur…

Not only do we have a sucking hole, but a cosmic black sucking hole at that.