'Gangrene of the Genitals' The Hell, you say!

I was watching TV late night last night and about 1am comes on a commercial for a ‘Call this lawyer if you have this’ and the blonde talking head says,* “Gangrene of the Genitals”.* :eek:

Ok. You got my attention.

But, Seriously, if you got that shit going on, do you really need a late-night commercial to clue you in that something went seriously wrong!?

I’d be on the phone with somebody pretty damn soon and often. But the worst part…

The phrase made me laugh so hard, I nearly snapped off my rotten, old gangrenous pecker!

Do not Google this for images.

My favorite is when they say “do not take fuckyoucin if you are allergic to fuckyoucin”

If you’ve got gangrene of genitals, and fuckyoucin is the only treatment, maybe you might tend to be a bit reckless.

Ask your doctor if fuckyoucin is right for your lifestyle.

No, no do not Google. I promise you won’t like it. Man, that must be some kinda awful. I was watching the vet show ‘Dr Pol’ ,the things stud horses get their private parts hurt by is amazing. And the fix is always bloody/gory.

In about 2004, I was in Malaysia, and saw a big breast cancer awareness stand in a shopping mall. Nothing odd about that, right? We get regular awareness stuff, all about checking for lumps, and first warning symptoms and the like. This, on the other hand, had photos of late stage breast cancer- photos I don’t even want to think about, let alone describe- with a writeup next to it in multiple languages, including English, basically saying ‘if yours look like this, see a doctor’.

It was hard to imagine anyone would need it pointing out that breasts that looked messed up enough that I’m still shuddering at the thought of the images 15 years later might need a checkup, but I guess if you really didn’t know breast cancer was a possibility…

“I’m Gangrene Degentials of the clan Degenitals…”

“There can be only one.”

“It"s not easy being green.”

“Once you go black…”

I’m just wondering how they work an appropriate warning into the ads for this class of diabetes drugs.

“Do not take Jardiance if you are allergic to it or any of its ingredients. If your balls rot off, stop taking Jardiance.”