Gangs of New York. Great movie!

Couldn’t find a thread about liking or not liking Gangs of New York except for one about a hanging scene. Just wanted to add that it’s a terrific movie, but probably not for the little kiddies. Great acting by all.

I’d have to disagree. Daniel Day-Lewis did a great job, but Leonardo DiCaprio is his normal, wooden self.

And it’s WAY too long. Self-indulgently long. It could have done with at least 30 minutes cut from it.

Violet, you might want to visit this Diogenes thread.

hell, i didn’t even think day-lewis was that good. one of those over the top scenery chewing parts that are oscar bait. although that’s pretty much the only roles that day-lewis tends to pick.

Thanks. So much for the search feature…:frowning:

I just watched GONY for the third time (this time on DVD at home) and found it to be rather more satisfying than the 2 theatrical viewings…it just gives the feeling of a movie cut down way past it’s due, and makes one hope that a official extended DVD version will come out, despite what Scorsese and Miramax Pictures have to say.

Check out DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can. I thought he was great in that film; that character was more interesting than Amsterdam in Gangs.
I don’t know why I keep defending DiCaprio; I guess I just feel that he is forever haunted by the Ghost Of Titanic with its written-for-eleven-year-olds script. People will never give him another chance.
I agree that GONY was too long. But I loved Day-Lewis, if he was being hammy, well, bring it on.

I’ve avoided CMIYC, specifically because it has LDiC in it. I was avoiding GONY (the very first time I saw a preview of it, several months ago, I rolled my eyes), but, alas, someone I can’t say “no” to talked me into going.

For the record, long movies don’t scare me off. My favorite movie of all time is Lawrence of Arabia.