Ganymede has liquid water!

Ocean found on Jupiter moon

I just wanted to note:
How poetically appropriate! In classical mythology, Ganymede was the “Cupbearer to the Gods,” elevated to that position on Olympus by Zeus himself. Thus the satellite Ganymede’s holding of liquid water is living up to the myth in a literal sense.

Astronomy geeks, unite! Last night I was doing some work on the computer, and was looking for something on Yahoo! when I glanced at their news section. In the midst of my work, and all the election news, and everything else, what do I get all excited about and shout out to my wife? “Check it out–there’s a salt water ocean on Ganymede!”


I must let my SO know about this straight away!

This is so cool it’s like having a rain forest around not one, but TWO moons of Gas Giants!

Seriously, this is big news. The dream is alive.