Garages, cars and other stuff

This is a poll about garages. How do you use yours?

I am talking about garages at your residence, not off-site storage lockers.

I’m also not talking about parking lots or parking spaces. Carports are ok. Garages assigned to you by your apartment/condo complex are ok.

Wondering how many spaces you have for cars, and how many of those spaces could be parked in today versus how many are taken up by non-car stuff.

Vote for how many cars COULD be put in there today without moving stuff, even if you don’t have that many cars to put in there, or don’t keep cars in your garage even though there’s space.

I have a three-car garage. One space is taken up by my car. One space is kept clean for guests. The third space is for various junk (mostly tools, lawn and garden stuff, and a telescope).

So I can put two cars in my garage now, and three if I clear out the junk.

I have a 2-car garage and am a single person with a single car. It pains me that 1/2 of 1 space is taken up by storage of someone else’s junk. But at least it’s a very tidy pile.

When I had a roommate he did park in the other space in the winter, so I could get the drive plowed.

I did not vote because this is still theoretical.

In the past my husband has stuff the garage so full of crap that there has rarely been room for even a single car in a two car garage.

We’ve now lived without a garage for almost 6 years and so I have decreed for the new house - my half of the garage will hold the minivan. It shall not ever be filled with other stuff. His side of the garage can hold whatever he wants but if he leaves insufficient space for his car it’s his issue. I suspect that his car will eventually end up in the driveway but since it warms up very quickly it will likely not be much of an issue for him.

I am helping to keep the garage clean however as I have also decreed that the new house comes complete with snow removal service and the backyard will have no grass so no lawnmower either.

We can, and do, get one car in our three car garage right now. Due to the fact that many of our possessions are being stored in the garage right now due to work being done in other parts of our house. When we return to normal, we’ll be able to get two cars in there without a problem. (we have purged a lot of junk in last year or so to allow this to be possible)

I said two/two. However, it is a huge two car garage with space in front of the two cars for tools, a lawn tractor, storage, kayak gear, etc.

The only person I know around my house who puts a car in the actual garage is my neighbor - and he is a young guy who just moved in. We don’t have basements, or much of an attic, so the stuff goes into the garage. I see more people with workshops or TV rooms in their garages than people with cars in them. But I live in California, so the worst that happens to a car in the driveway is that it gets rained on.

There was no option for “2 spaces/ 3 vehicles” (I have a motorcycle in addition to 2 cars), so I voted 2/2.

This is the first garage I’ve ever had, and I am LOVING it! I truly don’t understand people in cold climates who don’t use their garages for their cars - my car in the garage is warmer, I don’t have to scrape the ice off it or brush the snow off of it, and it is safe from people sliding into it with their cars.

We also store a lot of yard crap in our garage - that’s a project for next summer, organizing all that stuff.

We have a 2 and a half car garage. Room enough for both cars and the half has the lawn mower and snow blower and assorted chairs and tools neatly arranged. We can have a get together in the garage in an instant. Just like a spare room for the house.

I’m not sure where I’m supposed to go with this. I have a space in my apartment complex’s communal garage and I park my car there, but I don’t feel like I could just use it for storage instead if I felt like it.

2 car garage for 3 motorcycles, 2 bicycles, various camping and “guy” gear and puttering around when I want to escape the old Toil&Strife.

If I had two small cars they could theoretically fit in my garage, but I’m single and have a pick-up, so one fits.

Also gotta have a place for the lawn mower, weed eater, rakes, shovels, and implements of destruction…

It’s early, but I had a feeling my pick (2 spaces, 2 cars) would be out front in this poll. Just your basic suburban commuter couple.

I didn’t see any choices for my Dad’s situation when he was still with us – a 3-1/2 car garage with a lift, some trolley jacks, and creative parking configurations. I’ve seen him fit as many as 7 cars in there!

Two car garage, one side with my wife’s car, other side with my motorcycle, the lawn mower, trash cans, recycling bins, and a bunch of unsold furniture from our garage sale this summer that I never bothered to lug back down to the basement. My car sits in the driveway.

Two spaces, one car.

The rest of it is taken up by lawn tractor, push mower, snow blower, garbage cans, green bin, black bin, blue bin, some junk, and an old washing machine that I need to get rid of.

You’ve got a parking space, not a garage.

Having a shed is damn liberating, I tell you what. Beyond my brother’s temporary belongings stored there, I store some stuff in my garage and have a little workbench. But the big stuff and the power equipment and the off-season lawn furniture all go in to the shed.

Not having to clean the snow off my car is probably the #1 reason I enjoy parking in the garage. Such a huge benefit! I also like getting out of the car and being in a lighted room, thanks to the garage door opener. Being able to store dog food just outside the door, and skip out to get it in my jammies with no socks on is also a plus!

Three-car garage with two vehicles; the other space is used for a workbench and tool storage. There’s also a carport, where the other vehicle and a travel trailer reside.

We finally got enough junk out of the garage that I can park my car in it! One slot is still taken up by junk, so my husband’s truck stays in the driveway (his choice).