Garbage Can Lids, grrrr.

Why on earth is it impossible to buy garbage can lids?

Why alway a matched set?

I have the can, I’ve lost the lid. It seems to me I simply cannot be the only one.

Around these parts it’s important to keep critters out of the trash. I started with rubbermaid ones but they chewed right through those. So I resorted to tin, with lids.

Thing is, when we bought this house there were two tin trash cans concealed beneath an enormously overgrown grapevine, but the lids never materialized.

I’ve checked every big box and hardware store in town. No can do. You must by the can and the lid, as a set.

Grrr. I will never be able to use these two cans without lids. Grrrr.

I seems to me if you can buy a nut without a bolt you should be able to buy a lid without a can.

Depends on the brand. Rubbermaid makes trash receptacles with lids you can buy separately.

Have you checked if there’s a manufacturer’s name on the cans? If so, you could find a phone# or a website for the manufacturer and see if they can either direct you to a retailer who sells the lids separately or perhaps sell you the lids direct.

Google answers seems to have this covered:

Google Answers thread

Thank you all very much, I suppose I wasn’t using the correct phrasing in my searching.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Every person I asked suggested I give up and buy a new can and lid, but I’d much prefer to just get a couple of lids.

This has really helped, thanks again.