Garbled Sound on ATI All in Wonder Card PCI 128

I am trying to capture video and audio from my VCR on to my computer. I have spent the better portion of today racking my brains trying to get this thing to work for a big project I have tomorrow. Here is the deal…

I have my ATI RCA audio and video properly hooked up throught the purple converter and into my ATI 128 PCI All in one card and Creative 512 Audio Card. I have the 1/8 jack from the ATI card A/V out to the audio in on my sound card. The only problem is that the audio sounds really really bad. I have a feeling that it is interference from another program running audio and I have tried everything to try and get rid of it.

If anyone can help please reply or e-mail me. I am at my wits end. I quit smoking for three months…until the stress of today caused me to fall.

thank you