Gardening season begins

Last week I pruned the epimedia, and cleaned the leaves out of the beds.

This week I planted an apple tree, some parsley, and pansies, and put up the peony cages.

The daffodils will be in bloom soon.

Gardening season has arrived!

We’re already getting green onions. The snow peas are climbing, the squash is in, as are radishes, beans, basil, lettuce and bok choy. I just dug space for tomatoes, beans and eggplant.
In the 70s many days here, and this year we had more than normal rain, so the garden is really easy to dig.

Also, feel free to stop by the annual SDMB Gardening Thread in Cafe Society! No reason we can’t have them in more than one forum, of course.

Haven’t noticed that one.

We’ve had daffodils and tulips are opening. I’ve gotten my tomatoes planted. Were eating green onions and new greens. I plan on bedding plants this coming week. Mr.Wrekker will plant his field crops by good Friday. Corn, Peas, Beans.
We have to decide on other veggies. I’m totally done with squash. I never get a charge from eating it anymore. I don’t want to plant it. We’ll see.

I still have half a metre of snow over most of my backyard, and it’s chest high out front. I’ve got some seedlings going but I’ll be lucky to plant anything by May.

We had a 70 degree day on Sunday. I really really wanted to get one of the raised beds in the back yard prepped and sow some spinach and peas this weekend, but unfortunately other plans got in the way of my spring garden.

Stressing Out Over Weeds Season for me.

I was going to hire a kid to come pull weeds for me but to be honest, my front beds look pretty clean and my back bed is fairly small so I might do it MYSELF this year.

I’ll be participating in the local HS football team’s mulch program, tho. They team up with a local mulch supplier, we buy the mulch, they come spread it.

Thanks, I stopped by.

I feel like it’s more mundane pointless stuff I want to talk about than actual food or art, but hey, where-ever people want to talk about gardening works for me.