Garlic Fudge

Someone declared today treat day at work. I made up some garlic fudge, some lemon bars and have some fresh vegatables for dip.

The garlic fudge looks good, in fact it looks like the best fudge I ever made. It looks like blonde fudge. My daughter loves it!

Garlic Fudge

4 Tbls. butter

6 cloves garlic

1 cup evaporated milk

2 cups sugar

a pinch of salt

Cook all ingredients together until sugar dissolves.
Remove garlic and bring to a rolling boil until softball stage. Remove from heat. Stand 5 minutes.
Beat until stiff and pour onto greased cookie sheet.
Cut into squares. Store in air tight container.

Garlic wha----?


Sick and wrong and not of the Lord.

Unless it’s good.



What on earth possessed you to even try it? Or, if you followed a recipe, what on earth possessed the first person who ever made it to try it? That just seems like two great tastes that would NOT taste great together. I just won’t believe it.
Until you send me a pound for further testing! :smiley:

I had the recipe, and this seemed like a good oppunity to try it. I did slice the cloves in half so they would release more flavor. My husband liked the cloves after they had been removed from the fudge. I think it was probably first made for a garlic festival.

KellyM wants to try cheese fudge next.

It shouldn’t be called ‘fudge’ unless there’s chocolate in it, IMHO.

No, that is only the most popular type of fudge. I have made (and purchased) peanut butter fudge and maple fudge, neither of which have chocolate.

I have never cooked fudge. I have, however, eaten lots of it. Can you please expand on the concept of “softball stage”? That is a term that I have never heard before.

Garlic fudge? That’s just perverted enough to work. Oh, to have an actual kitchen…

When you drop some of the mixture into cool water, it forms a soft ball. Approximately 234 degrees F

printing it out for my roomie Phlip, she adores fudgemaking, and is addicted to garlic=)

gods, the stench I am going to have to endure [she is one of those who stinks abominably when she eats garlic … what I do for friendship :smack: ]

I have a recipe for garlic ice cream that I’ve been hesitant to try. You’ve inspired em to give it a shot!

Two thirds of the fudge is gone! Only one loud cry of disbelief. Some actually like it :slight_smile:

Garlic fudge? Cheese fudge? Of course, you know you must combine the two.

All three sound delicious although I can’t say the texture wouldn’t freak me out a bit.

And don’t forget the hot stuff! I’d probably use sauce instead of fresh peppers so the fudge doesn’t end up with seeds in it. (Of course, sesame or poppy-seed fudge would be good too.)

I made garlic toffee a while back on a whim. Some tips:

blanch or double blanch the garlic first to get rid of some of the sharper tones. Alternatively, you might try roasting it for a bit.

Mix in some balsamic vinegar, the sourness seems to go amazingly well with the pungency of the garlic.

burnt garlic is very unpleasant and can ruin an entire batch :(.

Do you ever do that thing where you throw up in your mouth a little bit?

I haven’t had garlic fudge, but I have been to a garlic festival where there was some excellent garlic ice cream and garlic beer.

Fortunately, when you entered the festival, they gave you a goodie bag that included, among other things, a package of Certs.

They ate every last piece of the fudge! They ate the lemon bars too!. All but a few of the chopped raw veggies too. I am really surprised that they ate the raw turnip strips.

Somehow, when I try to enter “A:\garlic+fudge” into my brain, brain says A:\bad command or file name. Like marshmallow fluff and sardines, some things just don’t belong together. :barfy smiley:

I am glad that no one in my house is too narrowminded to try unusual food combinations. My daughter enjoys both cheese and sweet corn icecream and seems to like to try new foods.

I think the hot pepper fudge sounds nice. I think foods that will carmelize a bit would do well as fudge flavorings. Blanching may well make a better tasting garlic fudge, although I might like to let th cloves cool before adding to the sugar mixture so they do not burn too soon.

I love garlic. I love fudge.

But together? lee, I’m sorry, but that’s just evil.