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Watched Extra today. Gary said he’s still a virgin! Said he’s worried about communicable diseases. Isn’t he like 30? I was a virgin til 26.You can see the question coming…how old were you?(one of my friends was 11).

24 and still counting…guess that’s why my purity score was so high…

::wandering off, dejected::

I was 16

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14 and no, I don’t recommend becoming sexually active that young. I don’t regret my life or anything but I think I should have waited until I really understood the full impact of what I was doing.


I’ve just turned 30 sigh And still nothing.

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I think I was 13, maybe just turned 14.

Was 17.

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Was 14…also wished I’d waited until I knew what the hell I was getting into…

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Um… 33… And counting…

(Please, oh, please let someone older than me post!)

I was 22, and still regret it… met my husband-to-be a month later, and wish I’d held out until then :frowning:

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I waited what seemed to be an eternity, as I was not quite 21 when it happened.

You see, I was looking for someone. Someone special. Yes, I was waiting for that special someone.

Someone who would LET ME FUCK THEM! That was very important to me…

Yer pal,

I was 21. Too old, really.

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  1. And I am making up for starting so young by not getting any sex now.

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Continued, rabbitlike, through my 16th year.

Not again till I was 21.
Yes, my sexual prime fell right in the middle of a pussy drought.

20 and counting. sigh
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And now, for my next trick, I will talk in spooky half-references.

  1. Last April in fact.

I don’t want to hijack your OP but I’d like to know why posters waited or are waiting or why you took the plunge so young. Obviously, if you don’t want to share this info than don’t. I’ll start:

I thought putting out was the only way to get and keep a boyfriend. I thought it made me a grown-up. I started smoking for the same stupid reason. What about you?


I was 17. The kicker is, it was with a prostitute. My best friend’s uncle paid the way for four of us.


I was 19 and it was traumatic. That’s all I’m sharing.

More woman than you’ll ever inflate!

I’m waiting because I’ve never been on a damn date, so having sex is sort of out of the question too.

::wanders off to find some wine and some Cure tapes to drown my sorrows…LOL!::