gas and cars

I heard somewhere that if you’re at a long light (more then 30 seconds); it’s more economical to turn off your car. I know that this probably varies do to the make and model of the car, but in general, is this true?


I don’t know Carina42. The Honda Insight, if you’ve had your head buried in the sand, it Honda’s gasolectric hybrid. The gasoline engine it uses cuts off at a stoplight to save on gas, then springs back to life when you push the gas pedal.


Carina’s right. There’s not enough gas wasted to worry about.

Well, technically speaking, it sounds like you are saying two different things. Carina says “no”, but you say “There’s not enough gas wasted to worry about.” These may not go together, yes?

And IMO, as long as it is a warmed-up, well-tuned fuel injected car, my educated guess would be “yes”, you would save some fuel, but perhaps not enough to worry about.

To be more specific, the average engine uses more gas to start than it does to idle for thirty seconds, not to mention the wear on the systems required to do so. So, unless you are sporting a V-10 Viper, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Not to mention the Road Rage potential of the drivers behind you waiting for you to start your car once the light turns green. ARRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!

Remember the basic rules of saving energy, set your thermostat to 55 degrees and drive 68 mph. Turn your headlights off to save electricity. And don’t forget to floss.