Gas masks are freaking creepy.

Then there’s the DIY variety . . .

Rule 34 applies. Damn, why did I search that?

I won’t post a link. You don’t want me to.

I think gas masks look cool. Except the one with that beak on it, that thing is creepy looking.

See, my reaction was the opposite. I thought the beak-y one (a plague mask, apparently) was less creepy because it was weird by design.

Gas masks are freaky because they are functional by design, and end up being wicked creepy as a consequence.

I meant to confirm that myself…thanks for the reminder, I now have an agenda for the evening.

One shudders to imagine what inhuman thoughts lie behind that mask

I can’t find the image through Google, but the UK comic series Charley’s War had a great image in one story of cavalry men advancing through a gas attack, with horse and rider both sporting protective masks.

There’s also the 2000AD strip Rogue Trooper, where the two sides battling over the planet nu-Earth are easily identified by the gas masks everyone wears outside, all the time. The evil Norts use masks that completely cover all by their eyes, the more benign Southers have a mask that’s a cross between a Brodie helmet and transparent cover for the rest of the face.

I can’t even watch the whole clip - Are you my mummy? Gah.

So yes, I agree with the OP - so very, very creepy.

It worked out poorly

(This is from one of my favorite online horror series. See also Abandoned By Disney and A Few Suggestions)