Gas masks are freaking creepy.


That is all.

Prompted by the 7th picture down.

That’s nothing. Have a look at the Mickey Mouse gas mask:

That’s not a catchy name for a chance design – they really did try to make it look like Mickey Mouse in order to be kid-friendly:

More on the Mickey Mouse Gas Mask:

Might I recommend for your enjoyment the Doctor Who episodes “The Empty Child” and “The Doctor Dances”?


Consumption of these entertainment products is contraindicated for those with known violent reactions to creepy, gas-mask-wearing, monomaniacal stalker-children.

Un-holy, and gives me a similar gut reaction as the pictures from the hanging-from-buildings-by-fingertips thread.

That mask isn’t going to give him much protection, since it seems to be missing the filter.

If an annoying ultra-organic gardener ever moves in next door, I’m going to go out and spray my shrubs wearing the creepiest-looking gas mask I can find. :cool:

It reminds me a lot of the scuttling gas-mask people in The Wall.

Then there’s this scene from True Detective.

It’s not really a gas mask. It’s part of his face.

Creepy all right.

Well, second on the third row (persistent link if it changes) is one of the creepier, and it isn’t a gas mask. Well, I guess it is sort of the medieval analog. This is a variaton of the plague doctor mask.

The 17th image down (3 below the painting guy): TESTUDO!

A good friend of mine is renting a house from one of his friends. His friend has a glass-case display of antique gas masks on mannequin heads. My friend was asking my opinion on dating. I recommended the first thing he needs to do is hide that case.

I don’t think I can ever watch that ever again. I was freaked out.

Are you my Mummy?

I just got a little bit of afraid of developing a fetish around gas masks. For a second I was like “Hey, that’d be hot…”

So many things that are impossible to un-see or un-think.

I am not your mummy.

I see your video game gas masks and raise you.


I used to think gas masks were cool precisely because of that sort of dark otherworldly creepiness. I collect(?) illustrations I think are cool and I had a sizable collection of ones with gas masks. So I thought they were neat…

… Until I had actually wear them on a regular basis for chemical attack drills in the army. They’re super uncomfortable and any activity becomes a pain in the ass since your line of sight’s all f’ed up and you run out of breath super fast. A claustrophobe’s nightmare.
And the full MOPP suit? Hot and heavy as hell and it’s like walking around with duck feet.
Oh and when you do the tear gas drill, you take out the filter and BLECH you get a pool of spit, snot, and tears joyously sploshing around the bottom. Not that you care because of the BURN in your eyes, nostrils, throat, skin and HOLY FUCK I CAN’T BREATHE then you sort of can, except it still burns and still not very fun. Just imagine every facial orifice capable excreting liquid doing just that at FULL THROTTLE.

Now whenever I see gas masks I grimace a little bit.

…Sorry for the hijack?

First thing I thought of was Neil Gaiman’s Morpheus mask.

I was at Gallifrey One this weekend (LA’s big Doctor Who convention). There was a little boy dressed in 1940’s clothes with a gas mask on walking up to adults saying “Are you my mummy?” It was really, really creepy.