Confederate masked faces

I recently watched the film Night At the Museum which featured a group of dummys representing a confederate army group. Strangely, each member of this group wore a kind of face mask - like a bandage that completely covered the face, with small holes for the eyes.

Nobody in the film remarked on this strange appearance, so I presume that it was normal for the time; likewise, no other figures had anything similar, so it must have been specific to this group - the question is why?

I can only think of two reasons: 1) They were all horribly burned, which seems a bit unusual in a museum context; 2) This was common practice at the time, to preserve the anonymity of the soldiers. The latter possibility could be justified by the nature of the civil war, which pitted neighbour against neighbour.

As a Brit, this is all foreign to me; I’ve asked some US colleagues but they’ve been unable to assist - can anybody else help?

I thought they were just faceless mannequins, so the museum had something to put its Confederate uniforms on. When everything in the museum came to life, the mannequins did, too, complete with uniforms. Of course, I could be waaay off, but that’s how I understood it when I saw the movie.

Just looked at a YouTube clip–I would agree: These are simply supposed to be faceless, Department-store mannequins.

Right–the idea, according to the writers on the commentary track (if I recall correctly) was to have ONE special effect which was cheap and easy to accomplish. As opposed to the dinosaur playing fetch or the miniature people coming to life . . .

That is just so disappointing, but I can hardly argue with the director’s comments! :smack: I still think my explanation is much more romantic - why, oh why, does reality keep doing that to me :o

It’s still a shameful waste of Ricky Gervais and Steve Coogan, but then you guys wouldn’t know that, I’d guess. Mind you, it does achieve the distinction of being the first film since Aladdin in which Robin Williams doesn’t make me retch at some point.

I still like the bit where the dinosaur goes all playful (having just got a new puppy myself).

Thanks for the info.

Dum-dum have gum-gum?