Gas mileage, A/C vs. no A/C

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What did I miss here? Ignoring all the mileage data and automobile descriptions, etc. for a moment, didn’t Cecil describe the SD tests as having taken place in New Jersey? And didn’t he say in reply to a comment that they took place in Ohio

Sorry! Before anyone gets wound up, I’ll correct myself! What was said is: “In between these tests, we spent some time contemplating the Atlantic in lovely Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.”

OK, NJ, DE, what’s the diff? I live in OH, and they’re both east of here, and both on the seaboard.

C’mon, TBone2.

Cece (who lives near Chicago) mentioned 300 miles of driving on basically level highway on a trip that included a view of the Atlantic. As a resident of Ohio, you should be aware that travelling 300 miles from Chicago to the Atlantic takes one across a tiny stretch of (flat) Illinois, the whole width of the (flat-in-the-north and narrow) state of Indiana, and the (flat-in-the-north and wide) state of Ohio, before reaching the hilly-any-way-that-doesn’t-follow-a river-valley) state of Pennsylvania.

It should be fairly clear that Cecil performed the first test outbound and his second test homebound. If he is going to reply in brief form to folks from Florida, using general location as shorthand for latitude and temperature, he will grab the state (of three) through which he drove the most miles during his tests.


Well, as long as you’re on geography, I have an observation. As I recall, Cape Canaveral is not in south Florida. It’s more northern, or at the very least central. So where does Cecil get off saying the testing was done in SOUTH Florida?

I’ll handle the obvious places where Cece was correct. Cece can defend his own language when it appears to be less nearly correct.

I recall seeing an article several years ago that reported the results of some testing done on this topic by Lockheed for the Department of Energy. My recollection is that after extensive testing (at your expense), Lockheed concluded that AC on with windows up is the most energy efficient. You might want to check with DOE for more details.