Gas prices ending with 9/10

What’s the reasoning for gas prices all ending in 9/10 (nine-tenths)?

Gas is listed on signs as $2.759 per gallon. Is the $0.009 a built in profit for the station or the gas company or some other diabolical scheme to cost me money?


It’s the same reason that an item costs 1.99 instead of two bucks. It sounds like it’s less.

Zev Steinhardt

When gas prices first went over a dollar, I thought it would be the end of the 9/10 cent add-on for the prices. The “service” stations actually modified all of the pumps to allow for a fourth price digit rather than give up their “tenth-cent discount” (charging $2.699 instead of $2.70).

I guess they think it works, or they wouldn’t have spent the money.

This is as good a time as any to introduce my unofficial GQ FAQs. This question appears at the bottom.