Gas Station Food offerings

Pennsylvania is all about WaWa vs Sheetz.

Stewart’s, absolutely, several cuts above your typical 7-11. The ice cream is indeed good, and sold in half gallon containers the way God intended. The doughnuts are excellent too. (Too bad I’m very limited in the number of these things I’m allowed to eat.)

Also, the hot dogs/sausages are good, and there is a wide variety of toppings (though no sport peppers or bright green relish for some strange reason :slight_smile: ).

And there are more Stewart’ses around here than you can shake a stick at.

Another thing I like about Stewart’s; they sell eggnog year round. It’s the only place you can buy it outside of December.

But they’re only located in the eastern part of the state. I believe Oswego is as far west as they go.