Gas stations as mulch sellers

This is my first post ever, so forgive me if I mess up, but every summer this question has bothered me:

Why do gas stations sell mulch? I can see why they sell drinks and snacks and air fresheners, but why do huge pallets of bark mulch for sale surround every corner gas station like some fortification? Why not leave the sales of mulch to Home Depot or the local garden center?

To lure people in who realize they forgot to pick up a bag when they were at Home Depot/Lowe’s, etc.

In my experience the mulch they sell is fairly overpriced and something of an impulse buy (if something that weighs 20 lbs can be an impulse buy). Of course, it’s really no skin off their teeth as they can throw it in a corner of the parking lot and it’s not like it costs too much to begin with (IIRC, the local hardware store sells mulch for something like $2.50/lb. 40 lbs of cow shit is even cheaper).

Why do you care if they sell some seasonal Mulch to make some extra money? Are you in that much of a hurry to get your lottery tickets, and your BIG DRINK? Why not just leave people alone, and not try to control everything. You must want a special convenience store, just set up perfect for you. It doesn’t work that way. People like you cause grief for all of us.

I think we managed this control freak pretty well for 14 years. But thanks for bringing it up again and giving him/her a hard time once again.

And this is only Flocker’s 3rd post, the other two being in 2016 when he bumped an eight year old thread about Linda Hamilton’s looks. I don’t think he gets how this whole message board thing works.

Would this be a good place for a zombie joke?

Why, yes - yes it would…

Have you got one?

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