Gaudi design proposed for WTC


What all of us? Nice stereotype.

Ya know, the last time I mentioned that design, someone bitched about it being insulting to New Jersey, now some wiseass from across the pond has to jump in. Next thing you know, aliens will be landing and demanding to know why we made the Santa Monica freeway look exactly like their gesture for, “Eat my horstlfur, you mirsmtlft!” Let’s just wipe out all life on Earth now before we offend someone else!

But a building design needn’t insult anyone. It doesn’t, you have.

My apologies, then.

Like it? Yeah, not bad, but it would benefit from being scaled down a bit. Chances? Probably zero.

I’m a big Gaudi fan ever since a trip to Barcelona a couple years ago, but I really don’t like this. It does look, to me, like a huge vibrator.


And this is bad, why?

To me, this looks less Metropolis and more like one of the rocket ships from an early Buck Rogers comic strip.

Again, this is something I’d like to see more of in NYC architecture. Inspired goofiness, rather than the stupid goofiness of the Frank Gehrys of the world.

It’s “retro futuristic”.

This guy is getting by on his name.

Besides, the Empire State Building looks like a huge hypodermic needle and the Guggenheim looks exactly like a toilet—so why not have a delerious spaceship/vibrator downtown? It would become a goofy, beloved monument, like the Chrysler Building.

I’m all for it!

Yes, that building would be quite an *erection[/], wouldn’t you say? :wink:

I like Jimmy James’ design better.

(the giant J’s)

Obviously the balls would go at the base of the building…

This is the second best design I have seen, right behind the Giant Robot Jesus.

We need more buildings that look like they will blast off into space a la Sim city!

I agree that it’s a big shiny dildo. A cool big shiny dildo, but a big shiny dildo nevertheless.

I think they should build it.

Hey, at least we would finally have a giant phallic symbol that doesn’t look like it would fuckin’ hurt when it slides in.

I really don’t like Gaudi. The Sagrada Familia is a MONSTROSITY.

That said, I love this building! Big fan of the “retro futuristic”. Plus I absolutely detest all the of previously proposed WTC designs.

For those who doubt that the Guggenheim looks just like a giant terlet . . . All it’s missing is a flush handle . . .

Hmm, I usually do like Gaudi, but I can’t warm up to this building somehow. On the other hand it’s not quite as awful as the other proposed designs … sigh. I still wish they would make the site into a nice park or something.

Which is quite an achievement for a dead guy. What will he come up with next?