Gaudi design proposed for WTC

Looks pretty damn cool IMO.

What do Statesiders think about it?

I love Gaudi - mysister and sought out as much of his stuff as we could when we were in Barcelona. I always thought his designs seemed organic…almost alive. The proposed design looks like a giant sex toy to me. I like it.

I LOVE this! Especially in comparison to those stupid designs that were rolled out last month.

Gaudi was a freakin’ genius. Why should Barcelona keep all the goodies to itself?

I love Gaudi too, but that particular design is a bit… like it’s from the future or something.

Having said that, if it were built, I would be in awe.

Looks a bit like the Gherkin in London (by Foster).

Seems unfair to throw a ‘new’ design into the mix, seeing as the other six have been jumping through all the necessary hoops for some time now.

I thought it was terrific—the only WTC design I’ve seen that I’ve liked.

It’ll never happen.

I just stumbled on that picture this morning, and I love it. We need more buildings crowned with starbursts and atomic rings.

Sorry to be contrary, but IMHO Gaudi is an over-rated hack. A few of his works in Barcelona are extraordinary (the Quarry building and Sagrada Familia, most notably), but for the most part he’s developed a reputation as “cool because he’s kooky” – the same sort of notoriety Frank Gehry is profiting from (more deservedly than Gaudi, again IMHO) these days. Gaudi’s importance was the road he paved for modern architecture, not his actual works, which have been eclipsed many times over in the years since he got plowed over by a trolley.

So no, keep Gaudi out of NYC.

I think it is awful. I wouldn’t want to see that building anywhere. I don’t really like any of the other plans either. I imagine that no matter what they do or don’t put at the WTC site many people will hate it.

Is there a word for that feeling I sometimes get from old science fiction, nostalgia for a future that never happened? That’s what this building would express, and while I think that’s a perfectly appropriate sentiment for the WTC site, it’s probably not what the developers want.

I like Gaudi very much. However this design enters my list as my least-liked Gaudi. However, again, it beats the other designs for the site I’ve seen.
I would love a Hundertwasser WTC design. I like Gehry. I would like to see a Gehry design. What’s wrong with kooky? “Baby, you gotta kick that Corboursier habit!” (actual grafitti seen in the stairwell of U of O’s architecture department). And a Richard Meier design would be nice. But in the end it will look like an I. M. Pei office design, inevitably, or some 16th generation international style box like “serious architecture should be.”

Yep, definitely a cool design…


[Sheri Tepper]An erection suitable for a parade ground.[/Sheri Tepper]

It is quite stunning.

Somebody has been watching Metropolis.

Nahh. Fritz Lang may have been watching Gaudi, though…

I’d like to see this building, but not downtown. I think it would look silly there. Somwheres Midtown, perhaps, IMHO.

This would be the most amazing skyscraper the world has ever seen, if anyone had the balls to actually build the thing:

IMO it is heads and shoudlers above the other proposals.

Oh please. That guy is a complete lunatic. Just read some of the stuff on his page:


Our Cyber City will have a State of the Art External Security System which at this stage evolves around “Sound Waves” which has the capacity at a specific frequency to repel flying objects up to a five mile circumference.

I think this would look good, and I also think it would make New York look good.

It’s a fine companion piece to the Empire State Building.

Well, even though gonzalo de cordoba has pointed out that this design pre-dates Metropolis, I have to say that Metropolis was the first thing that popped into my mind as well. It’s a damn site better than just about everything else that’s been proposed. My favorite is still the buildings giving the folks across the Atlantic the finger.