Gavrillo Princeps

Speaking of terrorists, what happened to him? DId he die of the 1918 influenza epidemic? Was he execued? Did he escape and lives, even now at 110, quietly in Barbados? Did Tito give him a cookie?

He died of TB in prison, around the end of the war. He was just too young, by a few days, to qualify for the death penalty.


What about Elvis?


Elvis has left the building.

So, apparently, has Gavrillo Princeps.

So what’s the connection between Gavrilo Princip and Elvis Presley?

No? OK, I’ll tell you.

Gavrilo’s father was a postman, and Elvis recorded a song with the lines:

I gave a letter to the postman
He put it in his sack

Is it possible that Elvis’s postman was none other than Gavrilo’s father?

I gave a letter to the post man
addressed to the Duke Franz Ferd i nand.