Gay Men: Would You Have Sex With Pres. Bush?

Inspired by Reeder’s thread about how Bush said that some aid the Canadian PM had had a pretty face… it got me thinking.

Assume some alterno-world where Bush is gay, and you found yourself in a position where he fancied you, maybe sending some trustworthy Secret Service guy around with a note and invitation.

Would you do him? The motive could range from, “Hey, he’s not a bad-looking guy,” to “Sure, I’d take one for the team just so I could out him later and cause conservative Pubbies everywhere to curl up and die.” If you found yourself in Monica’s position, so to speak, would you?

Is he a top or bottom?
Actually that doesn’t matter. HELL NO! On top of my dislike for him, he’s not even attractive in the least.

Only for a snuff film!

Snuff film’s a good idea. But if it would get him impeached then I would make the sacrifice and take one for the team. Well, not take one…

One on one. HELL NO.

In a group? Yeah, he can join in.


No, just the thought of it makes my skin crawl. I could never be horny enough to do that.

Sure, I’d have sex with him, assuming that I were HIV+ in that alterna-world and that we didn’t use condoms.

Well, I’m not gay, but I’ll tell ya one thing! If there was ever a man to make me go gay…

Dubya would not be in the top 5.9 billion.


We’re gay, not insane…

When, when, when are we gonna get that barfy smiley?

But cheerleaders are hot, right? Isn’t it axiomatic?

Come on! Objectively he’s the best-looking President we’ve had since Kennedy! Now if we just elect Wesely Clark next we can start a nice “Presidential hotties” role.

that’s “roll”, not “role”.

The only way GWB would be sexy was if he had a ball gag in his mouth and Ken Ryker in his ass.

Now THAT’S sexy.

Not just as a gay man, but a moderately-conservative gay man, I would have to say yes. :smiley:

Only if it would get me closer to Jeb’s son George P. :smiley:

A closetted, moderately successful business man who does his daddy’s dirty work and has marriage issues? Sounds like alot of my “dates” in my less than sober days. Hell if it weren’t for the accent I would say that it may have already happened…lol :eek:

I stand corrected:

George W. Bush, with a ball gag in his mouth and Ken Ryker in his ass, is sex
George P. Bush, with a ball gag in his mouth and Ken Ryker in his ass, is sexier.

To bad that, according to, he likes to break into people’s homes, berate the homeowner, then destroy their property.

That’s difficult to assess. On the one hand he’s a monumental asshole, but on the other he seems only capable of fucking things up.

Personally I wouldn’t even go near George P. Bush, for in addition to his genes he (according to the link above) devours whole nations:

The Bush nephew has had extensive training in chile eating