GBA Hobbit help.

I am playing Gameboy Advance The Hobbit and I can’t cross this bridge because there is a rock in the way. The rock gives me an anagram to solve with the letters L-D-O-E-N-R. I have beat myself silly trying to figure it out but this puzzle is beating the shit out of me. I have not read the book for more than 20 years and the anagram seems to not be any word I can think of. If any one of you has any information to help me I would be very grateful.

Thank you in advance… zoo

Has the troup reached the Last Homely House West of the Misty Mountains, yet?

You might want to ask for an assist from the kindly master of that house.

Oh, and I meant, “troupe”, not “troup”.

Also, you’re welcome.

Thank you for your thoughtful reply.
The old man at the last house says " Thank you for getting rid of the rats."
I would like more clues if possible.

Thank you in advance… zoo

It’s a name…begins with E…

His daughter in the movie was gorgeous…

I figure this doesn’t count as a spoiler to anyone who has read any of the books or seen any of the movies: Elrond.

Elrond worked!!!

Thank you Case Sensitive for your help, and all else who provided support.
If I get stuck again I will call.

You’re welcome. Might I suggest that a quick re-read of the book would probably come in handy.