GE or Berkshire-Hathaway?

Where do I find total returns on a stock between 2 specific dates? This would include total re-investment (into the same stock) of all dividends paid within the time frame.

For example:

Let’s say that someone invested $1 in GE and $1 in Berkshire-Hathaway on the date that Jack Welch became Chief at GE. Which would have been the better investment on the date that Jack Welch anounced his retirement?

Does Bloomberg offer a tool to help find out?

Could somebody invest $1 in Berkshire-Hathaway if they wanted to? What would that be 1/50,000 of a share, give or take.

Technically, you couldn’t just invest $1 in either stock. But it makes the math and comparison easier.
There is a historical prices link under the graph and numbers. They give you a split adjusted prices. I do not think however that dividends are reported with this which will make it difficult to decide which is better GE of BRKa.

Actually the adjusted price on that link is adjusted for splits [und]and[/und] dividends. So that should get you what you need. (Since I’m lazy, please post your findings!)

Damn. I ran the numbers from 1990 to today, but the server crashed, and I lost them.

Anyway, GE increased by about 600% from 1990 to today (adjusted for splits and dividends).

BRKa increased by about 1000%.

Not on the same screen that I know of.

But for each stock, (symbol) <EQUITY> TRA <GO> and just enter the dates in the appropriate fields. For periods over 5 years, you’ll have to revert to weekly total returns, and over ten years you have to live with monthly. It calculates it by price alone, price with reinvested dividends or price invested at a rate you choose (IIRC, the default is the current 3-month bill rate).