GE Refrigerators (is my tech lazy?)

Can anyone with “any know” tell me what they know about the defrost water drain tube in GE Profile refrigerators? I tried a USENET search to no avail…

I was pretty sure the defrost drain tube was plugged. The tech I paid for today confirmed it, but couldn’t unplug it with solder, wire, nor water pressure. He said the tube ran through the insulation in the back of the fridge, i.e., wasn’t accessible.

Can anyone positively confirm this to be true for any GE freezer-on-top Profile models? I’m an engineer; we design for servicability, damn it.

BTW – it’s not so much that I mis-trust the tech, but I kind of do. He was older, and had emphasyma or something, and I’m not sure he was up to the job and just fed me a line in order not to disassemble the fridge. It was a tech sent by GE with nothing but a GE logo on the van.


I’ll guess that you don’t have access to an air compressor, a short whip, and a blowgun? How about one of those cans which can be filled with compressed air? An old empty refrigerant cylinder with the conversion kit to make it an air carrier? A cylinder of dry nitrogen? Failing all of that, since you’re an engineer, you ought to be able to McGyver something together using a spare tire, PE tubing and fittings. Not a crazy idea-early VW Beetles powered the windshield washer sprayer from the front mounted spare tire.

I guess my running here was premature – I’ll think of a high-pressure way to try to clear the line.

FWIW, while the guy was here and before he put all of the pieces back in, I made him try a couple of things that I thought I’d “McGyver”:

(a) my CO2 tank didn’t seem to have enough pressure to do anything. But, doh! For the hurry I realized I forgot to open up the regulator (it’s only at 15 lbs for drawing beer).

(b) tried water pressure with some copper tubing that I use as a heat exchanger for wort. Not sure what the pressure is, but it’s pretty strong. I controlled the needle valve while the tech applied the wet end. I don’t know how well he did it, so I don’t know if that’s why it didn’t work.

Hmmm… maybe I need to think of an approach that doesn’t utilze beermaking equipment. Although maybe the hydrometer may fit in outlet end of the tube…

First call the Service depatment that sent out a technician that couldn’/didn’t complete the job you paid for.

Any possibility it could it have been frozen?