Gecko in my hair!

Another one?

When I was in India on an observing run last summer, I had a gecko that insisted on sharing my bathroom with me. It’d just sit quietly on the wall, but no amount of shoo-ing would get it to go away. I learnt to live with it. Admittedly there was also the gecko that got into the air-conditioned telscope control room and computer room that decided the best thing for it to do would be to scoot up the wall of my cubicle, and sit on top of my computer and watch me work. It was a tiny little baby gecko, and was really rather sweet.

Just the one in my hair, but a couple live in my room. I’m just calling them geckos, they are just these little lizards, very pale (almost yellow). They’re really shy and take off at any movement. They hide in crack in the wall and folds of the sheets so I have to shake things out before I get in bed.

When I lived in Afghanistan our house was infested with scorpions. You had to remember to really shake out your slippers, shoes and clothes. All things considered, I’ll take the geckos.

OHMYGOD. I wouldn’t have lived to tell the tale.

“She died of fright-t-t-t-t-t-t…”