Gecko in my hair!

So I’m sitting on my bed reading the SDMB, when something falls of the ceiling on my head. For a second I think it is a bit of plaster, but then it starts moving. I jump up the thing gets tangled and just general freak out ensues. Gecko in my hair, dude.

Did it try to sell you insurance? :smiley:

Those things like to hang out in the doorjamb of my garage door. When I let my dog out they usually drop on me or the dog. One time one didn’t fall when I opened the door and apparently got a little smooshed when I shut it, so when I opened the door to let the dog back in it fell on me and plopped to the ground and stayed there. After a quick scream, I looked at it and saw that it’s head was a little crushed. I felt bad for it but why the heck must they hang out in the doorjamb?

I have a couple in my room and I don’t mind them because they eat the roaches the size of my thumb. I have to admit, I let out an undignified squawk.

You’re lucky. In Florida, the roaches (Palmetto bugs) are the size of rats. :smiley:

A tarantula fell on my head once. If I’d had geckos in my hair, maybe they would have eaten the hairy bastid.

My Auntie in India used to sit around at home with just a sari blouse and petticoat on. Her chest was more than ample, and she wore these low-cut blouses. There are house geckos (and even some nice tropical ones) all over India. You guessed it, one fell right into her blouse. I have never seen anything so hysterical, her jumping around, screaming, trying to fish the gecko out from her cleavage, the rest of us trying to help, but not actually touching her, and then her son walking into the middle of all this, home from school. :smiley:

When drop in hair, bring pie and chips.

'Ere, mate…Theatrics moight come off a bit…cheesy.

It’s like a summer camp song gone horribly awry…

“There was a Straight Doper who sat in a chair…
Yikes, he said, there’s a gecko in my hair!
He picked up a spider to eat the gecko
but the spider got pissed and bit his neck-o…”

I like geckos, especially watching them run around on the ceilings. I 've never had one fall on me, though.

Sad but blackly humorous story:

I once came home after a hard day, turned on the ceiling fan, sat down in my favorite chair, and cracked open a brew. After a few minutes, I heard a faint thunk on the wall. I looked over and found a dead gecko at the base of the wall that looked like it had collided with something at high speed.

It took me a few minutes to figure out how it had died. It must have been sitting on one of the blades of the ceiling fan when I came in. After the fan started, it was able to hang on for a few minutes until the acceleration increased enough so that its toes lost traction and it was flung against the wall. What a way to go!

I’m going to hell because this made me laugh, loudly, and I own a leopard gecko as a pet.

I was in summer school and volunteered to take the classroom gecko home for the weekend.

Of course it got out of the cage.

Happily I found it upon hearing my sister scream. I went into the bathroom and there it was on the window frame, as white as it can be. I think my sister eventually came around to appreciating how cool that was.

When I first moved out of my parents house and into my own apartment I had decided I would wait awile before getting a cat, but I knew that there would be a cat in my future. Then one night about a month later I was laying in bed and all of the sudden I felt something fall from the ceiling, hit me in the face, and scurry off of the bed. After I figured out it was a gecko, I went out a week later and got my cat Joey. Since then I have not had a single lizard on my face (that I am aware of) and I attribute this to his presence in my home.

We like geckos in our neck of the woods because of their aforementioned bug eating properties. Hell, my wife named some of them out on our patio (“There’s Gary, and his wife, Gertrude, and, oh, look, there’s their son Gordon!”).

I love my wife.

We have some sort of small brownish tan lizards that usually live outside. They’re just a couple of inches long. I don’t know what sort of lizards they are. Every now and then, one comes inside the house, and our cats have a fun evening of Watching the Lizard, Stalking the Lizard, and Killing the Lizard.

Did he look like This?

If so, be on the look out for adolescent, abnormal, martial-artist, shelled reptiles.

…and possibly a guy with large razors on his arms.

I found multiple lizard pieces when I lived in Florida. Whether it was the cats killing & eating the rest, or the lizards dropping their tails (which I hear they can do). But this story is about a full lizard.

One day, I came home for lunch. I saw a lizard on the wall. I decided to be kind, and get the lizard outside. I picked it up (gingerly, in cupped hands). Got to the door, opened it - and somehow it escaped my hands. I looked - couldn’t find where it went. Went back inside, sat down, continued eating lunch (after washing hands, of course). Anyway, was happily eating, and then suddenly felt something stick out of my ponytail. That’s right - found the lizard!


I thought the OP was a tribute to Steve Rhoades from MARRIED WITH CHILDREN and his immortal screams of “Owl in my hair! OWL in my HAIR!” in “Buck Saves the Day”.

But, no, actual gecko. Yes, that would freak me out.

I’m tired of these @#% geckos in my @#% hair!