Gee, thanks RealOne!

I realized I hadn’t listened to any music for a couple of weeks, maybe longer, so I clicked on my My Music folder to listen to some songs, when the window started filling with pornographic pictures.

What the hell? Then I started realizing these were all stills from MPEGs, and they were familiar…and realized it was all porn I had viewed on the internet. Somehow my RealOne player managed to re-associate itself with .MPGs (even though I have repeatedly set it to only open automatically for RealAudio files) and each one of these movies I played was saved into the My Music folder.

Luckily I don’t share the computer, but I could imagine how this would be embarassing if I did, esp. as the My Music folder is right there on the taskbar and the kind of thing most people are interested in. Luckily the last female to have unwatched access to my computer was deaf, so I doubt she looked.

Still, that is a very stupid thing for a program to do. I really should uninstall it, but then I’ll have a lot of music I ripped (off of my own CDs, thank you) that won’t have a player. I also know now why my HDD is running out of space all the time.

Hey, does anyone know a way of stringing these 337 8-12 second samples into one long movie?

Badtz Maru if you are looking for a different mp3 player you could try the ‘Quintessential Player’, you can find it on and places like that. I’ve been using it for quite a while, after I got fed up with the likes of Real, it’s very simple and very straightforward and best of all, doesn’t mess about with your computer!

I haven’t got any answer for you on the MPEG situation, weird thing for Real to be doing though.



RealOne is an obnoxious program with spyware. I only have it on my computer because there is no other option if you want to listen to “real audio” files. I have limited its actions as much as is possible but even then; I still have to slap it down a notch every time I use it. It just never quits trying extend its tentacles into the rest of your computer.

I would never use it given the choice.

Same goes for the Quicktime player. It’s lovely on a Mac, but a total bastard on Windows. I’m forever stumbling over pages that try and fire it up and all they succeed in doing is crashing out my browser.

Media Player Classic will handle Real Media(and just about every other media format - Quicktime, Divx, mpeg, ect) just fine.

Badtz Maru,

Windows Movie Maker, it came bundled with XP. It’ll allow you to string together movie files and such. As far as a better media player (for music) I’d go with MusicMatch Jukebox and (for video) Dr. Divx. Both great.

Wait, 337 movie clips? How much porn do you watch!?

Only 337 movie clips? What a pathetic pr0n collection.

I wasn’t trying to collect!!! That’s just what I’ve viewed since RealOne started saving every MPG I viewed…I know it hasn’t been that long.

Unfortunately, a lot of my music I only have in the RealAudio format, and a lot of the CDs disappeared when my wife left me. If I could convert them to .MP3s I would uninstall RealOne in a second.

RealOne really sucks. I wouldn’t be surprised if MS bought the company by proxy so more people would use WM9.

What DreadCthulhu said:-

“Media Player Classic” for all your viewing needs, so good it’ll be made illegal.

Well, lets do the math…

(ac)/60 = {[(12+8)/2]*3370}/60 = 56.16 repeating

a = average length of each movie
c = number of clips

That seems like the average length of other films in the genre.

Dump them all into a playlist, so that they will play one after another? Easiest way I can think of.

MediaPlayer Classic, I am led to believe, just uses your already-installed media players and combines them into one app. You can’t use it as an alternative, they all still need to be installed.

I hope I’m wrong. But I tried to uninstall RealONE afterward and then I couldn’t play RealAudio files anymore.

I don’t have RealONE installed but I do have MediaPlayer Classic on my computer, and I’m able to play Real files just fine. I did have to set all the Real files to be opened by Media Player on my own though; there wasn’t anything that did it automatically for me.

While I agree that Media Player Classic is a wonderful program, some websites have that built-in Real Player that won’t correspond with MPC (the Comedy Central site, some live feed sites); you have to have a Real Player.

In which case, I suggest that you use Real Player 8—it’s much easier to configure against its evil purposes (tips available on Google, as well as the actual player).

RealPlayer totally sucks.

That’s all I have to add.

I hate RP but I need it for some of my classes, and what pisses me off is that it tries to load with DVDs when I put it in. Bastard program, I hope its programmers contract carpal tunnel.

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