Geek thrills: I'm getting a BIG hard drive

Tomorrow will mark the installation of a 40 GB hard drive on my computer at work. I’m so excited. In 8 months, I’ve almost filled up a 2 GB, a 7.5 GB, and a 10 GB hard drive on my computer and have contributed to filling up two 12 GB servers – this after much file management and file zipping. Regardless of space availble on my computer, on numerous occasions I’ve had to run some big-ass finite element models on one of only two high performance (lots of RAM and lots of hard disk space) computers here. But, they’re in the training room and students of course have priority on those systems. Plus there’s always a chance that other people with large models are already using them. That situation will change tomorrow when I, and several other co-workers, get our new hard drives. Finally, I’ll be able to run huge models on my computer and store my files in one place. Yay for me!

Sorry, thread drift…but somehow this reminds me of techchick’s link to Oriental persons of male persuasion dragging a loaded truck by ropes attached to vulnerable (and valued) male anatomical parts.

Dang, gotta stop free-associating!

(assume winking smiley here)

Thrills…big hard drive…sounds interesting. :):wink:

Better get two, so you can back that thing up.

Frankly, I think that they are getting much bigger than the casual user is every going to have the software to fill it.

40GB? Wouldn’t take long to fill if I let my mp3 habit get control of me…


where i work we use kickass dells as dummy terminals. this means that the only drives space used on those machines is what the OS needs, and what the terminal emulator needs. This leads to each machine having a minimum average of 6GB free disk space, and a total of about 30 machines on the LAN. i’m the only one who uses all that space. if only i could figure out how to use the 64MB RAM in each machine…

You men! Didn’t you know it’s not the size, it’s how you use it? :wink:

I put mine to good use, trust me! :wink:

if you read other threads, you will not that he’s got two sub-processors to prove it.

These big hard drives are nice, I have a half-full 15GB at home, but any disk maintanance seems to take forever.

I put an 80GB HDD into my TiVo so now I have 117 hours

I just received 2 45GB Hard Drives to make a 90GB Array. This combined with my 40gb array will give me 130GB

I have a really big hard drive.

Oh wait…we’re not talking about that? Oh…

Sulks away