Geese rescued from frozen pond

Kayak rescues geese from frozen pond

It’s a good thing there were only two geese frozen in the pond. If there had been a whole flock…

I wonder how long ducks in the wild can survive stuck in a pond? Can they just shut down for a few days and fly off after a little melting?

We shoulda let them freeze. They’d kill us if they could – especially guys in kayaks.

What are the odds that I would come home from lunch after taking this photo and see this thread.

My geese seem to be faring well.

Ha! Might be faring differently if they were frozen into it!

I really should have chosen a different title. Like ‘Geese frozen into pond’ or something. (If a mod wants to change it, thanks. If not, I’ll have to think better next time.)

Nah. I understood the title. The linked story shows one of them stuck.

I posted simply because I thought it was cool to watch our geese walking on the ice. Somehow none got stuck in our pond, even though we had the same zero temps as everyone else.

There isn’t much love for Canada geese around here, so I imagine some folks would just let them die :frowning:

Well, they could still puff up their feathers to keep warm - but they wouldn’t be able to find food (which they need to keep their body temperature up in very cold weather). And they’d be very vulnerable to predators. I suspect they’d only survive a day or two frozen in place like that.

I suspect Canada geese are too smart to get stuck in the ice like that.

In Canada, they just call them ‘geese’.