Gen-Y Slang

I’m looking for up-to-the-minute slang expressions used by 13 to 22 year olds. None refereing to drug use please–I have plenty of those.


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Felch. Used as a verb.

I constantly hear teenagers talking about “felching this” or being “felched by that.”

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“Ghetto” : I was introduced to this by my roommate from Omaha, NE. It is used in a derogatory fashion to indicate that something is of a low quality or not quite what it was pitched to be. Example: This printer is SO ghetto. It keeps eating my paper. …OR… This dorm is ghetto. Everyone smokes and comes in drunk on Tuesday nights.

“Gank”: to take, probably illegally or against established rules. So you can “gank” some paper for your printer from a friend (not illegal)…or you can “gank” an orange from one of the Mizzou dining halls (illegal, according to Campus Dining Services).

Hope this helped you!

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FWIW, my friends (now 26-28 years old) used “gank” all the time growing up. That one is not specific to Gen Y.

Oops…I don’t know enough people in that age group. Just goes to prove…every generation thinks they discover certain things anew… :o

Christopher Robin Hood - he steals from the rich and gives to the Pooh.

Cool Beans my first post!! aright gen y slang…since im 18 i should know this…let me think…yeah…um…so…wassup??

fienin’ (liking someone alot and following them around and doing really stupid things to get their attention-- related, somehow, to the word fiend.)

Gill! (Used when someone says something stupid, the word is usually accompanied by smack in the neck.)

Wassup, and 'sup have been superceded by a simple nod of the head, the word Wassup is implied.

Ghetto does mean low class, even to inner city black kids.

Let me have another conversation with my kids, I’m sure they’ll tell me more.

i never even heard of half the slang terms in here…maybe im not “with it”? oh well i guess ill get back to my lint collection…

This one looks like a pickle!!!

Slang is an interest of mine. (Being a screenwriter, natch, accurate dialogue is critical.) These are a few I’ve collected recently; some of the younger 'dopers can tell me if these are kosher, or if someone’s jerking my chain.

  1. MULLET: Haircut – short all over except in the very back, where it’s extra-long and slightly wavy. Often seen on 20-year-old Camaro drivers, who are called mulletheads.

  2. 411 (usually “four-eleven” but sometimes “four-one-one”): The scoop, the deal, the complete information, as in, “What’s the 411?” Comes from the phone number for dialing directory assistance.

  3. PROPS: Compliments, praise, and respect, in a general sense. Usage: If you say, “Props to my brother,” you may or may not mean he’s done something specific to deserve recognition, but you want to single him out as a cool cat anyway.

  4. DOPE: The new way to say “cool,” as in, “His new car is dope.” No longer refers to drugs; that usage seriously dates the speaker.

  5. 404: Clueless, mentally out to lunch, as in, “Don’t bother, she’s 404.” Comes from the Internet – 404 is the error one gets when one tries to pull up a non-existent page.

  6. HAIR METAL: Glam-rock music, and/or the groups that play same. Comes from the bandmembers’ practice of using copious amounts of hairspray on their lengthy (and usually dyed) locks.

  7. BUMP THAT: “Forget about it,” or “Forget that.”

  8. MY DOGS ARE BARKING: This one’s easy: “My feet hurt,” with the connotation that one has been on one’s feet all day, walking or standing.

  9. RENTS: Also easy – short for “parents.”

  10. SCRUB: Used by women to refer to a guy who doesn’t let his lack of job prospects or his unattractive personality prevent him from loudly and aggressively schmoozing desirable women, seeking a date. He thinks he’s “all that,” but he’s obviously a waste of the woman’s time. It’s the kind of guy who pulls his not-very-dope car to the sidewalk, then hangs halfway out the window with what in his mind only is a seductive grin and says, “Hey, baby, how’s it going?” to a complete stranger.

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I’m 18 and I’ve never heard of “gen Y”. In fact, my mother keeps trying to convince me that I was part of generation X.


I would’ve gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for those meddling kids!

I have heard ghetto, gank, mullet (thanks for explaining this one to me, though! I had no idea what some girl meant when she tried to insult my fiancé’s hair by calling it a “mullet.” Obviously she was misinformed on the definition as well.), 411, props, dope, rents and scrub, but with the exception of 411 and scrub, I didn’t realize that they were recent terms.


I would’ve gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for those meddling kids!

Put ‘welfare’ along with ‘ghetto’, as in my brother saying, “Andrew, your fucking apartment is so welfare. You have an Ottoman made of pizza boxes and duct tape!”

I also say ‘word’, i.e. affirmative, quite a lot, though I think it went out with NKOTB, of whom I was never remotely a fan.


I started saying “word” again recently. No, I was never a NKOTB fan. I just like the “That’s so 1989!” facial expressions people give me when I say it to them.

That movie taught me some important lessons in life. 1. I can build a robot that loves me. 2. I can reanimate my dead girlfriend by jamming bits of metal and silicon into her skull. Both are lessons I use on a daily basis…

My young brother uses pimp and swank as generic positive modifiers.

Cervaise wrote:

I know this one goes back to at least the 1950’s. I’ve seen an ad for shoe inserts based on this very premise from a 1959 issue of Saturday Evening Post. The term must have been a familiar one at that time.

There are many online slang dictionaries, but a lot of them are pretty light on context, and often old, old stuff is described as new. But one of the more interesting sites I’ve seen is the Slang page at Vox Communications.

“Gucci” is the opposite of “Ghetto”

“We had the Gucci seats at the baseball game”

“Rock Star” can also be used as an synomym for “Gucci”, but I don’t know how Gen-Y that might be.

I use “rock star” for the primo parking spot.

Pull up to the meglo-mart, and with 47 square miles of parking you get the one right next to the front door.

“Rock Star Parking!”

I am at the plesent age to be able to claim both gen X and y, depending on the definition.

RAND: short for random. As in “That guy is SO rand. He keeps talking about the A-Team. Rand!” As in strange, uncalled for, etc.

. (DOT)com: self explainatory: “You are SO”

I can’t think of anything else right now. Feh. (that one’s mine, not a generational thing…)

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Yeah, how is it that anybody born from 1945 until 1960-something (spanning over 20 years) is a “baby boomer”… anybody born from then until mid-70s (about 15 years) is “gen-x” and people 5-10 years younger are “gen-y”??? generations get exponentially shorter? does that mean “gen-z” spans only 5 years, while “gen-aa” is only 2.5?

“Hey, dude, I’m all gen-bt!”

“No way, that’s so ghetto, I’m gen-bt and I’m 12 and a half minutes older than you! You’re gen-cv!”

So any random, progressively smaller age group that can be targeted separately by advertisers is a new generation? what happens when the generation gap reaches the planck time? Do ages spontaneously cease to exist? Do all generations suddenly run together – no longer obeying observable laws of physics – and collapse in on themselves, forming a temporal black hole from which nothing except generation-oriented advertising can escape?

sheesh. gimme a break.

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