Gender differences in music fandom

It’s no secret many musical fanbases largely tilt by gender. You’ve gotta be a very brave man to admit you’re a fan of One Direction. On the other hand, you have bands like Rush. Was this true in the past too? In the sixties (or even the Big Band era) were there “girl bands” and “guy bands”? And what bands from your teenage years had mostly male or female fans?

The stereotypical popular music fan is a young woman, generally a teenager. The Bobby Soxers were the first incarnation of this I know of, but it probably goes back further than that. These days men are more liberated and show their fandom more demonstrably than in the past. As a teenager in the 70s it seemed that girls were more attracted to soft rock than the hard rock styles, that is aside from the hearthrob type of singers or bands. I don’t recall a single guy who was a fan of Davy Jones. Guys wanted to be in the band, the girls wanted to be a band member’s girlfriend. It’s quite refreshing to see this has changed a lot since then.

When I was in high school and cruising was a thing, guys tended to go for the screaming guitars…Ted Nugent, Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin beyond “Stairway to Heaven”, etc. Girls tended to be more Top 40 oriented.

Sure. Back in my day, women tended to lean toward folk and singer-songwriters; guys prefered groups like the Rolling Stones and the Who.

There were, of course, groups that both sexes liked: The Beatles, for instance.

Ugh, the picture from that blog linked in the OP reminds me of the one and only time I went to a King Crimson concert. I dig King Crimson, but man that concert had a crushing “30 year old virgin” vibe going on.

As a general rule women do not like progressive rock.

My wife and I are both Eric Clapton fans. She likes his ballads, I like his work in blues