Gender & Family Placement

Along the lines of the Gender Distribution thread, I’m interested in going into discussion about family placement, age ranges and such.

For instance, I am a girl, the firstborn of two children. My younger brother was born two and a half years after me.

I think this is a somewhat engaging topic. I’ve read that placement and distance between age has much to do with your attitude, career choices, etc. and I’m curious about what others think about it.

In my situation, I used to think (and occasionally still do) that my brother got way more freedoms and far fewer punishments than I ever did, and he was ALOT worse than me. Of course, he thinks exactly the opposite, although I’m not quite sure how he comes to that conclusion.

Funny thing is, my husband is the youngest of two, his sister and he are about the same number of years apart as my brother and I. Many of the things that bugged me about my brother are the same things that bug me about Byron. (I’m sure that I get on his nerves the way his sister used to, as well.)

Anyone care to get into this with me? Thoughts about “blending places”, or placement/gender having impact on your life choices, etc.?

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

My older sister was given up for adoption when she was born (we’ve been reunited for 11 years), so it was just my younger brother & I growing up together. My parents were actually pretty fair with both of us. My mom especially, because she grew up with 4 younger brothers who got pretty spoiled. Then my parents divorced, and my brother & I stayed with my dad. I don’t think he realized it, but my dad began to allow my brother to do things that he’d never dream of letting me do. For instance, I was 17, and my dad was spending the night at his girlfriend’s house. He allowed my 16 year old brother to drive from our house in South Lyon to his (my brother’s) girlfriend’s house & stay the night, in Clio, over 60 miles away. We had a bad thunderstorm that night, and lost power. I called my dad and asked if I could go to my boyfriend’s house. The answer was no. Not only did my boyfriend have power at his house, he lived with his parents, and he was only THREE MILES AWAY. When I politely asked my dad to either call my brother & have him come home, or come home himself (I didn’t want to be alone in a dark house), he seemed to repent of his foolishness, and let me go.

A few months later (I was 18 by now), my dad & brother were having a heated discussion about who got treated more fairly–me or my brother. I stayed out of the discussion, until my dad knocked on my bedroom door & asked me for my opinion. That’s probably the only dumb thing my dad has ever done. When I told him that my brother had FAR more freedom than I did, and gave him examples, my dad slipped up & said “Well, that’s because he’s a boy.” I just looked at my dad, and watched him crumble under the weight of THAT statement. Then I said, “Well Dad, I don’t think we really need to go any further than that, do we?”

My dad & I had a long talk after that, and it resulted in me being given alot more freedom. My brother? Well, he lost a little bit. After all, he was only 16, and my dad realized that he’d been given TOO much freedom, and it was really starting to cause some trouble.

Interestingly enough, I was reading in Psychology today, the more children a woman has (not a man, a woman) the greater the likelyhood the last one born will be gay.