Gender Roles: How do you compare?

Posting about fixing stuff in this thread has got me thinking about my compliance with traditional gender roles.


  • I love tools - especially power tools
  • Gadget freak - My favorite store is Best Buy
  • I’m an automobile fan - love to see the new models. This does not extend to an ability to fix them, though. It’s more an exterior thing (I’m so shallow…)


  • I cook & bake with relative success - I can make a pie from scratch.
  • Disinterested in most sports
  • I can needlepoint, cross-stitch, & crochet. My latest project was a new baby blanket for my new son.

How 'bout you?


  • I like gadgets
  • I like action movies with big explosions
  • I’m the principle breadwinner
  • Can’t cook.


  • I don’t have any interest in one-upsmanship or macho posturing.
  • I have no qualms about doing “women’s work” if it gets things done.
  • Only interested in sports when I’m playing in them.


  • I cook well
  • I do the ironing
  • I wear makeup and dresses
  • Nurturing streak


  • Aggressive streak
  • Determined and assertive personality
  • Love football
  • I like burping and farting
  • I don’t drink girly drinks. Real Ale for me.
  • I go to the loo by myself in restaurants, pubs, clubs.


  1. Love baseball, American football, hockey… most mainstream American sports

  2. Love action movies with high body counts and lots of explosions.

  3. Play a mean air guitar (when no one’s looking) while playing heavy metal CDs.


  1. Played most sports as a kid, and stunk to high heaven at all of them.

  2. Have been known to cry during “Fiddler on the Roof.”

  3. Do a lot more cooking and laundry than my wife. I’m a good enough cook that women at my office are constantly asking when I plan to bake something for them.

  4. Complete tee-totaller. Not for moral or health reasons, but… I just hate the taste!

  5. Haven’t been in a fight since I was in grammar school.

Must I answer this question? :wink:


I love to cook and bake
I like girly drinks - any drink with little umbrellas is my friend
I’m patient with animals, small children, and unruly husbands
I look pretty good in a dress
I dissolve into tears at the mere thought of marital conflict. But I’m getting better, really!


I love computers
I love computer games
I love action movies with gore and violence
I don’t wear makeup
I don’t fuss with my hair
I like manly drinks. Give me a beer! (I just like DRINKS, lol!)
I’m the one who sets up the TV/Stereo/Network
I hate romance novels
I like sci-fi and fantasy novels

Well, you’ve made the point before that there’s all types of gay, just like there’s all types of straight. I think the question could apply - especially if you take a broader definition of “Gender” than stereotypical hetero male/female.

However, you can answer, or not answer, as you wish.


Compliance (I love your topic names!)
[li]I just complimented someone else besides myself[/li][li]I wax my eyebrows (among other things…arms, legs, etc.)[/li][li]I love clothes[/li][li]I believe in the credo there is no such thing as too many shoes[/li][li]I can watch “Dirty Dancing” many times without tiring[/li][li]I can’t program the VCR…yet[/li]
[li]I love violent/horror themed books and movies[/li][li]I like gadgets (stereos, computers, etc.)[/li][li]I rarely if ever wear makeup[/li][li]Don’t paint my nails[/li][li]I too can go to the bathroom by myself[/li]I don’t want to have a baby and retire to the suburbs

I’m a great cook
Nurturing streak
I sew
I bellydance (almost, but not quite exclusively feminine)
I love dresses
I love shopping
I’ve trained my SO to open doors and carry things
I love girly drinks

I love my army pants and Docs
I’ve done fencing, and archery
Don’t wear makeup
Hate doing most housework
Love science fiction and fantasy

I wear makeup and jewelry on a regular basis
I like to shop sometimes
I often paint my nails
I like romance movies, even a lot of the bad ones
Am often the “peacekeeper”–helping solve arguments between people
Can sew and embroider

I love action movies
I won’t wear dresses often
I major in physics
I’m planning in working in highway engineering
When I speak, I say exactly what I mean, most of the time
Not good at cooking
I like power tools

Nurturing streak a mile wide (I have students who call me Mama for fun.)
I cry at the drop of a random friggin’ hat.
I get cold a lot.
I enjoy jewelry.
I would have a million watches, shoes, and purses if I hadn’t stopped myself cold turkey several years ago.
I’m a teacher who doesn’t coach (predominantly but not exclusively feminine).
I always feel bad for the “loser” in any athletic game (maybe not so much feminine, but compassionate).
I’m not crazy about crowds or noise.
I get embarrassed easily by people making asses out of themselves in public.
I’m not crazy about beer. I’d rather have a “lighter” drink.
I really really really like pink.
I worry about my skin and therefore use lots of moisturizers (I rarely see guys doing this).

I have an ego the size of Alaska (I have never considered anorexia, bulimia, or cutting as a possible outlet for my insecurities).
I don’t worry about my weight despite my big ass.
I don’t even notice my big ass.
I will often leave the house in shorts during the summer knowing full well that I could use a shave, but I don’t care.

I like cars
I like beer
I like shoot 'em up movies
I like gadgets
I like wrasslin
I LOVE most sports
I am the “computer guy” in my group of friends
I dress like crap
I bottle up my emotions
I eat poorly
Cooking means samwiches

I cry every time I read or see “Of Mice and Men”
I often read “Of Mice and Men”
I like playing with the kids
I clean the toilet(mine)
I do dishes(machine)

I love to compete and playing any sport or game
I’m occasionally wrong but never in doubt
I don’t care about my appearance, whether my clothes match, whether I need a shave or a haircut, or whether I get dirty
I like rude jokes being a bit gross
I love women and find nearly all of you attractive
I like to take risks
I’m not very in touch with my feelings

I enjoy talking with women more than men
I think any talk about cars is extremely boring
I hate Nascar, professional wrestling, golf
I get bored watching sports after a short while, only tuning in during the playoffs, finals, etc.
I like to cuddle
I love kids

I love shopping
I love wearing girly things
I’m useless with power tools
I have no idea how electronic things work
I like cocktails and mixed drinks
I worry needlessly about my weight

I can’t cook
I can’t clean
I’m aggressive
I like football
Farts interest me

I enjoy big, powerful cars
I love computers and gadgets
Mowing the lawn is fun
I don’t fold clothes or put them in drawer: My floor has a “clean pile” and a “dirty pile,” and often the two meet.

I am picky about my appearance - always clean, shaved, smell good, etc.
I like “girl music”
I detest sports
In general, groups of men annoy the hell out of me.

*I have a great interest in killing machines of all types. Weapons, torture devices, military vehicles, you name it.
*Gory, bloody war movies are great. Especially if it focuses on the ENEMIES getting their faces melted off.
*“Ronin” is one of my favorite movies.
*I can have trouble interpereting complex emotional motivations in others. (Maybe that’s just because I’m a nerd and have Asperger’s traits. :wink: )
*I have a full beard, that I hope to be able to grow to proper Viking levels.
*I can derive pleasure from the suffering of others-Oops! Sorry, that’s for the “Are you a supervillain?” thread. :wink:

*I like “Chick Flicks.” “Ever After” is one of my favorite movies.
*I can’t stand most martial arts movies (At least western made ones)
*Ditto for westerns and gritty crime movies
*I have an undying hatred for most organized sports
*I’ve been known to enjoy shopping–Just not clothes shopping.
*Visual media that focus on women in bikinis bore the HELL out of me.
*I can barely stand getting my hands dirty. Like when fixing cars.
*I hate sweating.
*Listening to a tape of show tunes and/or classical music while reading a dry historical or technical text is my idea of a fun evening.
*I’d like to think that I have a sentimental side.


Interesting topic! Neat…


I like to look good
I have long hair
I dislike violent, gory, or horror movies
I am a hopeless romantic
I care about other people’s troubles (nuture/burden bearing)
I currently work at a secretarial-style job
I like guys to open doors for me etc
I look forward to being pregnant


I don’t cook or sew very well or very much
I have the clean pile/dirty pile laundry thing going
I want to be a physicist
I love math
I read voraciously, including science fiction, fantasy, & mysteries
I wear jeans more than I wear a skirt
I’m ambivalent about raising children


I cook
I sew
I needlepoint, crochet, knit, etc.
I have a long, luxurious mane of hair
I am moody (sometimes)
I shave my legs and armpits
I like flowers
I pay the rent by working as a glorified secretary

I fly airplanes
I play bagpipes
I once won a caber toss at a highland games
I don’t wear makeup
I tell dirty jokes
I can’t stand “chick flicks”
Hate romance novels
Like action movies
I don’t worry about my wieght and I don’t diet


*I like computers/electronics/gadgets
*I like to fix things and I’m good with tools
*I look very masculine (beefy, broad shoulders, thick neck)
*I work out three times a week
*I love hard sci-fi and adventure novels
*I love the outdoors (camping/hiking)
*I can’t sew worth a damn


*I’m a bleeding-heart, flaming liberal
*I’m a total wimp. I have no self-confidence
*I’m laid-back and unaggressive. I rarely lose my temper
*I’m obsessed with my looks
*I hate sports
*I get along much better with women than with men
*I’m very neat and clean
*I enjoy cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, gardening, and shopping
*I like chick movies, and I’ve been known to cry while watching them
*I don’t care much for action movies, and I’m offended by graphic violence
*I think most porn is gross
*I’m very open about my feelings
*I desire love and commitment more than sex

-don’t mind doing laundry, and if doing laundry must fold immediately before it gets cold (whenever possible).
-hate taking out the trash
-wuv animals
-read a lot
-own many shoes
-read romance novels
-not interested in football

-enjoy Jackie Chan movies
-hate clothes shopping with a fiery passion
-comfortable with most power tools
-read a lot of SF
-have never said “if you don’t know I’m not going to tell you” in response to question “what’s wrong?”
-never wear make up
-don’t shave my legs
-likes to know how things work