Gender Roles???

Ok so I’ve been noticing that our society Hard Wires Approved gender roles into us,
Like the woman plans the marriageand the man says “yes dear”
Men are expected to be the one to make first moves
Men are expected to be the one to hold the woman

Even in same gender relationships we have to place them into roles,
like oh he’s definatly the woman of that relationship,
or that it has to be a butch and a lipstick

What the hell is up with this, Is it just me

Tell me about some of your experiances and how we can do away with these

Men have a harder time getting women than the other way around. …But if any beautiful women out there do want to reverse roles and ask me out for a date, by all means.

I suspect that so long as men and women are not the same, we will always end up creating special rituals for co-ed interactions. But getting the two classes at the same level (though not conglomerated) is probably mostly a matter of time, education, and pushing.

If it’s “hard wired” that means it’s built in, as opposed to something society does to us.

There are built-in differences between men and women, though they don’t apply to all individuals (in the way that men, in general, are taller than women, but not every individual man is taller than every individual woman). Some societies emphasize, exaggerate, or add to such differences; others downplay them.

Compared to most human societies throughout history, our modern society has less rigidity about gender roles, and more freedom for people to go along with or to go against those roles.

Not everybody wants to do away with gender roles. Some people like them because they benefit from them (like the woman who never has to pay for her own drinks or the man who never has to do his own laundry). Some people like them because they like structure and knowing exactly what’s expected of them and of the people around them. Having a rigidly defined role to play in the world can make your life a lot easier, if your socially-assigned role is compatible with your natural tendencies and abilities.

I find it interesting that, in the animal kingdom, there are some species in which the sexes are practically identical in appearance, roles, and behavior, and others in which they are very different.