Gene Rayburn dead

I found out about this at the same time I heard that Madeleine Kahn had snuffed it. Just thought this game-show guru deserved some mention on his final cancellation.

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With a deck of fifty-one.”

Blatant steal from

“Gene Rayburn is _____ as a doornail”.

I’ll miss Gene, though, actually, I haven’t seen him in anything recently, other than Match Game episodes from the Game Show Network (god bless DirecTV). I really enjoy(ed) that show (I remember it from childhood). Until I read his obit on, I didn’t realize that he was the inventor of the long stem microphone he often used.

Blatant steal from
“Gene Rayburn is _____ as a doornail”.


Paul Lynde: I’d have to say “Stiff” Gene. Ahar! Ahar! Ahar! I just like saying “Stiff”!

Charles Nelson Reilly: Stiff, Hard, hell I’ll take 'em any way I can get them…

What? Madeline (sp) Kahn is dead??? When did this happen?

I guess this is what happens when I fail to watch “Entertainment Tonight”

Hey, I posted this on the old AOL boards, but there are so many more folks over here, this would be a better place to post it.

Way back in 1978 or thereabouts, I was a contestant on Match Game PM (one shot at winning, no returns even if you win, double the money offered in the daytime show). Of course, this was before VCRs.

If any of you get the Game Show Channel, and happen to see me (19-yr. old, mousy brown shoulder-length hair, white short-sleeved blouse with an embroidered design on the front, dark brown elephant pants, going by the name Jill Baldwin) in the process of winning, would you PLEASE tape it for me?

I’d love a video of my first TV appearance, and would gladly repay you for your tape/time/help.

I am too in shape! :::muttering::: Round is a shape.

First Ray Combs, now Gene Rayburn. When will it end? Who’s next? Bob Barker?!

Brett Sommers: “I said boobs, Gene!”

Patty Deutsch: “I said boobs, too, Gene.”

Paul Lynde: “That’s disgusting! But I said boobs, too. Love ya, doll!”

From SNL:

After mentioning that Gene was dead, Colin Quinn said, “in lieu of flowers, the family requests that those who wish to remember him should send blank.”

Well, I didn’t make the joke.

Inky said “Charles Nelson Reilly”.

Blatant self promotion :wink:

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