genealogy in 'Eldest' book

On page 368 of “Eldest” written by Christopher Paolini, it reads “[Hvedra is] the granddaughter of [Orik’s] aunt Vardrûn, Hrothgar’s coushin (sic) twice removed”. Orik is Hrothgar’s nephew and I believe Hvedra and Orik would be first cousins, once removed. I’m trying to understand the relationship between Hrothgar and Hvedra. How can they be first cousins, twice removed?

Is Vargrun Hrothgar’s cousin twice removed, or is Hvedra? I wasn’t exactly sure from the part you quoted.

I don’t think it mentioned Vardrun previously, so I’m not sure. I’ll quote the whole paragraph and see if that helps.

The first time I read it I thought Hvedra was the first cousin twice removed, but based on where the comma is I think it must refer to Vardrun. I’m also not sure if Hrothgar is a maternal or paternal uncle to Orik.

<hjiack>The hell? He’s actually using the name “Hrothgar”? Geez - I knew the kid was derivative (yes, I read the first one), I didn’t know it was that bad. Holy Hannah.</hijack>