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      • Where I work we have an annoying person I’ll call Mr. W. We decided to find out who among us is closest related to him, just for fun. - What I want to do is, among ten or so other names of other coworkers, I want to find the first incidence of everyone else’s last name and that of Mr. W. marrying, if they have. I don’t want to bother with actual lineage of people; just lineage of last names. For instance, if Mr. W was named Mr. White, and someone else’s last name is Smith, I need to find the last marriage between a White and a Smith (for this purpose I can assume all Whites are related, as are all Smiths).
  • This sounds like a fairly easy feat that could be satisfied by just looking through online newspaper archives, but a few coworkers have common names and a few have rather unusual European ethnic names(I doubt they occur that frequently). - Is there an easy way to do this that’s free? - MC

Sure. Just make some shit up.
Sounds like you guys are more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

By the way, don’t put much faith in that much-lauded Mormon geneology site (no pun intended!). I’ve noticed a lot of errors on it, and there’s no way to get in touch with them to suggest corrections!

Actually Flora, if you have any mormon churches near you, you can get in contact with them to correct the info. Geneology info in their archives comes from places similar to all other places:

Official legal records
Secular records
Information submitted by people in the families

It is possible some of the info you saw was submitted by someone else “to the best of their knwoledge” about one of their ancestors and simply needs updating.

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