Just wondering if anyone else is playing these particular shareware RPGs. They’re kind of Fallout-esque RPGs, much more open-ended than anything else I’ve ever played (even Arcanum) I’ve finished 1 and 2 twice each supporting different factions and I just sent off for the registration code for 3.

Shaper culture gets developed more and more as the games progress, and there’s plenty of dialogue cut-scenes for character and plot development, but no friggin’ movies to slow the game down.

I love these games, but oddly enough I’ve been getting less pleased with them as the graphics get better. The new Creations just don’t look old-school enough to fit in with the flavor of the series. (Unfortunately, I’m in the early stages of 3 with a Shaper specializing in Battle Shaping…and I HATE the new Thahd. It looks like a lava monster. If the Rotgroth is equally ugly, it’s going to get seriously under my skin.) I also dislike that your character seems to get progressive less special in each game…in the first, you’re one of about three people with Shaping knowledge on Sucia Island, and almost everyone hates or fears you. The second game tones that aspect down, and the third one has you kowtowing to entirely too many people to proceed. Still fun, but not as much.

Thoughts? Anyone else playing these? Demos available at

The Avernum series is better IMO. Even though they keep recycling themes and situations. Should be some decent custom scenarios out for Blades of Avernum by now… thanks for the reminder.