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I’m beyond angry at the fact that a member here chose to include the addresses and PHONE NUMBERS of dozens of people in the USA…without their knowledge. I know, it’s all out there for the taking. But…to post it on this board? And, in a context of making fun of their names? They are now open to THOUSANDS of harassing phone calls, all because of the Straight Dope. I hate that idea… delete the posting, SOMEONE !!!


Where was this?


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I have no idea what you’re talking about, but if it’s as serious as you say, I guess you should get in touch with the moderator or one of the administrators.

I remember the thread. Don’t recall where it is, but it’s an older “silly names” thread.

typertrphy: Maybe I should introduce you to a thing called a PHONE BOOK. It’s a book that publishes names and phone numbers. It has business and homes in it, color coded to avoid confusion, and in alphabetical order for easy reference. And that’s exactly where the person who posted those goofy names got them.

Last time I checked (when my last phone was turned on), I was not required to sign a special clearance form to get this book. In fact, it just wound up on my door-step one day! Imagine that… All of this covert information free for the taking.

If you’re still not sure about this, next time you’re in a restaurant or gas station, ask them to look at one. Would you believe they’ll just hand it over to you without even checking for the secret handshake?

Yer pal,

Satan, this state of affairs steams me, too. My actual personal name happens to be Harry Bonar, and I see NOTHING funny about it. A Bonar is nothing to be sniffed at! There have always been Bonars!


I think with the help of the SDMB community, plenty of people will lend a hand to Harry Bonar’s groundswell of support. Sure, we may rub each other the wrong way every now and then, but when it comes down to it, we all just want this sticky situation to reach a mutually positive climax.

Why yes, I am pretty fly for a white guy.

See, Mullinator? All it took was a good Bonar to bring you around!

That’s all it usually takes for me too…

My wife won’t like hearing that one little bit.

So this thread isn’t about naming female Generals?

I fully support any and all Bonars. Stand tall, proud Bonar! Raise your head for all to see! Respect the Bonar or be penalized!

Back off, man. I’m a scientist.

I have known more than a few Bonars in my time.

Most were harmless.

But quite a few went poking around in places where they didn’t belong.

Don’t know if any of them were Harry, though.

But in all fairness, if any of my female friends are to be beleived, they’d all LOVE to meet a few good Bonars.

“I’m still here, asshole!”-Angus Bethune

Wow, talk about jerking a thread off-course! I’m sorry I said anything!

– Harry

I too have known a few Bonars in my time. They can’t be beat! And, if I may indulge in a bit of Ebonics, they swell!

Damn, I come up with the coup de grace of all smart-ass posts, and we’re all talking about Bonars. I feel so used…

Don’t worry, every Bonar has his day. Yours, too, shall come…

Modest? You bet I’m modest! I am the queen of modesty!

I can sympathize, Satan…there’s nothing worse than to make a stand and suddenly be nudged from behind by a Bonar.

There are Bonars right up behind a surprising number of famous men.

Bonars can TOO be beat, but it takes a special one to stand up to it!
He, he, he

You suck Harry Bonar and it’s not just because you have a mind of your own!

Good one, Mel. You handled that Bonar quite well…

Back off, man. I’m a scientist.

Thanks, Alph. The next time I see a Bonar I’m going to throw a hair pie at him.

Is that crossing the line?

What? That line half a mile behind you? Naaah…

I’d like to congratulate everyone on a successful thread hijaking.

Thank you for flying Bonar Airlines. We look forward to have you ride our large fuselage again, and don’t forget to grab your bag on the way out.

Back off, man. I’m a scientist.