General Manager wanted to have a sales clerk fired for not being attractive enough

Wow. You’d think in this day and age he’d know better. Okay, so he doesn’t find her attractive. She’s a sales clerk, not a model.

So he doesn’t find her attractive. No one’s asking him to date her. But for him to want to deprive her of a job?


I noted in the article that the clerk the executive wanted fired was “dark skinned”, and he told Yanowitz to hire someone who “looked like that”( a blond woman) Wonder if it’s not just the so called attractiveness issue, or if that’s a coverup for racial prejudice?

What!?!?! There were no pictures in the article. How are we supposed to make an informed opinion? Perhaps the girl really WAS ugly!
I suppose it doesn’t really matter either way. Attractivness shouldn’t really affect employment, except at food establishments. The last thing I want to see before I sit down to a nice burrito lunch is an ugly person!

Man, and I thought we had a probem with dress codes.

Whoa, the article implies that he would be allowed to do this if he also said “Yea, that guy’s ugly, too. Get me a hot guy, like that stud!”


Part of me thinks the guys is an asshole…

…and yet…

I did enjoy talking to the six foot blond supermodel-hot sales clerk at Armani Exchange a lot more than the short dumpy girl at The Gap.

Also…consider the fact that this is a L’Oreal sales clerk. The company sells and markets beauty products.

On the other hand…the article said that the saleswomans numbers were pretty good.

I guess that if they didn’t want an ugly person, they shouldn’t have hired her in the first place.

It’s a little like the barber who looks like his hair’s been cut with hedgeclippers. It doesn’t mean that he’ll do a bad job, but it is a turn off if you’re getting your hair cut.

Who knows, maybe she was truly vile.

I went through almost exactly the same thought process. Whether we like it, or not, there are jobs where appearance is one of the main requirements. Sales is one of them. But, if her numbers were good, I still don’t think they should have let her go.

So, where did you say that Armani Exchange was? I could use a new suit. :wink:

if she does a good job, she does a good job.
you want to fire her, find a better reason.

actually, find a reason.

If his partner’s hair is cut well, definitely go with the first guy, not the partner.

NYC in SOHO. And believe me…this girl was worth the $80 bucks I speant on my new “money” shirt.

Actually, you don’t need a reason, but if you have a reason, it can’t be a bad reason. So far as I know, there is nothing wrong (illegal) with firing someone for not being attractive enough…

I don’t know if it’s illegal, or if anyone is entitled to damages, or anything like that, as IANAL. But this completely sucks, and the manager is a stone cold fucker if he really did that. Justice would be if he had a daughter and she grew up to look like someone he would not hire as a sales clerk. I wonder how he’d feel if someone fired her for her looks?

Umm… now that I notice what forum this is in, I suppose I must apologize for the vitriol, but I’m a little puzzled as to why this is not in the Pit.

Come on cuauhtemoc, it isn’t the daughter’s fault that the guy is an ass. I know that was just hyperbole, but still.

The fault lies with the person who hired her in the first place. Once hired, she shouldn’t have to endure such an ordeal. It’s perfectly reasonable for a cosmetics company to employ attractive people who will be in direct contact with the public. Given her excellent record, the fair thing would have been to promote her to a better position out of the public eye.

Rhum Runner, I’m not saying I hope the daughter turns out hideously deformed. I’m just imagining what this guy would do if his own offspring didn’t meet his high standards. If she had to make it in the world based on something other than her looks. I wonder how he would feel about his discriminatory employment practices then?

Tarantara, I would think an average-looking person could sell cosmetics just as well as a traditionally attractive person, and I don’t really understand the justification for a cosmetics company using natural attractiveness as a requirement for a job like this. Especially since their customers are mostly average-looking people who use their products to make themselves look better. I could even see a customer thinking “Wow, if these products can do that for this dumpy-looking salesclerk, imagine what they could do for me!”