General Olympics questions

  1. The results usually take note of “Olympic records,” “world records,” etc., and competitors are identified as “the world champion.” Why isn’t the Olympics rolled into the concept of “world champion”? I should think that the Olympic gold medalist should automatically be the world champion.

  2. So far as I can tell, the total costs of the London Olympics was something like $15 billion. Does that really make sense for a two-week event? So long as that much money has been spent on the infrastructure, why not make it a month or two-month-long event and make more extensive use of the facilities?

Feel free to add other general Olympics questions.

Depending on the event, the world championships are generally a separate event, usually held annually. If someone is the world champion, they have already competed and won in that year’s world championship.

Are you just restating my question in statement form?

No, I’m explaining why the Olympics isn’t “rolled into the concept of “world champion”?” Because it wouldn’t make any sense. You already have a world champion. The Olympics is not the world championship.

If you already knew that, why are you asking?

That’s not an explanation. That’s just a restatement of the premise of my question.

I’m asking why, when there isn’t an Olympics, the Olympics doesn’t take the place of a world championship. In other words, you wouldn’t hold a separate world championship event that year. I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear enough.

Because the various governing agencies want it that way. Also, the athletes want it that way. More competitions=more chances to win.

And what about from the point of view of everyone else? Why shouldn’t spectators and governments who fund athletic governing bodies prefer to make the Olympics the world championships?

World championships are serious. The Olympics are hype.

London is already sick of the Olympics. Stretching things out would cause more problems and send costs through the stratosphere. A better idea is to chop events and get things over quicker.

I think one of the things is that the governing bodies of the sports in question like to have wolrd championships as their most important ‘outing’. In the olympics they not only have less than full control, but in most cases will also be outshone by other events. Add that the olympics don’t include all possible events (50 backstroke, fly and breaststroke for swimming and the a few track cycling events as well) and you might have your reason.

Note that this is one of the reasons why the ‘soccer’ is hardly interesting; the FIFA and UEFA have their big tournaments set and they are not going take a backseat to the IOC. So for men’s soccer, you have to play with mostly young uns… the fact that the IOC only recognizes GB&NI migt also crop up now and then; you suddenly would throw out the Scottish, Welsch, English and NI football teams.

The IAAF World Championships in Athletics are held every two years. They are separate from the Olympics.

As for the the second question, the Paralympics are held after the Olympics have concluded, using the same facilities.

…you are the first person in the world I have ever seen to suggest this. There are no spectators, governments or otherwise wanting this to happen. You are a movement of one. Why should people move to a system noone but you had thought of?

How did a question become a movement? Have I stepped on some kind of taboo?

No, but the answer to your question is essentially “because nobody wants to.”

For what it’s worth, in speedskating (longtrack) they don’t have World Championships over the distances in years with wintergames (the do hold all round championships, which isn’t an olympic discipline).

Wow, what a supreme non-answer. Do I really have to append each response like this with “why” in order to expect something more informative?

I thank Polar Bear for offering some kind of substantive response.

I already answered why. Taking a major competition off the schedule eliminates an opportunity for athletes to compete for a major title. This is what these people do. Why should they have fewer chances to compete?

As for why the Olympic organizers and funding agencies don’t want it (or more likely, don’t care), I suggest you direct your inquiries to them.

Wow, what a novel way in which to fight ignorance. Maybe this is how Cecil should answer all his inquiries.

In skiing, the most important title is to win the World Cup title, which is a full season of races. The Olympics are a short set of races, which are a brief stop off during the “real” ski season. While Olympic medals are nice, they aren’t considered nearly as important or prestigious as winning the World Cup.

I agree with second sentence and disagree with the first. I know a lot of skiers, and they all think the World Cup is a lot more important. But you’re comparing something that takes all season to achieve versus 3-4 days of the Olympics.

I’m sorry I can’t offer you deep insight into the motivations of other people.

I can only speculate that the people in charge of organizing and funding the Olympics either don’t see a compelling reason to insist that the various sporting federations cancel their respective world championships, or realize that it will severely piss off those federations and their athletes, or both.

But if you want a substantive answer as to “why”, then yes, I suggest you ask the people who know.

Let’s put it this way… Kevin Durant just won a gold medal in basketball at the Olympics. Just a little bit earlier, he and the Oklahoma City Thunder lost in the NBA finals to the Miami Heat.

If you asked Kevin Durant, “How does it feel to play for the World Champsions of basketball,” he’d laugh at you. He’d say, “We’re NOT the world champions of basketball- the Miami Heat are.” Durant would exchange his gold medal for an NBA title in a heartbeat, if he could.

Similarly, while it’s very nice that Andy Murray won a gold medal in his homeland, do you REALLY think Roger Federer cared that much? Do you doubt that Murray would trade the gold medal for a Wimbledon title in a second?