General Q on Army Care Packages

A buddy of mine has been deployed to Iraq. He sent the office a wish list for a care package. But, I don’t understand…how do men on the front line carry all these items with them (i.e., bottled water, toilet paper, even sports DVDs!?).

…Aren’t they always on the move? I’ve heard about marching in full pack, but isn’t this getting carried away? What’s the SD? - Jinx :confused:

Nine times out of ten, these things are prepositioned:

In the case of bottled water, it’s delivered on pallets, which you break down and get into the individual boxes and take what you want. I usually stocked my B-Hut with six or seven cases of water so I could make coffee in the morning.

TP, usually found in the latrines, but I guess a few guys carried it. DVDs and CDs are usually carried in your personal gear or pack.

Depends on the size of what you want, and it depends on what you know is going to be there.

You presume too much. First of all, I’ve never heard of an Iraqi front line. Second, we’re not on the move “all the time”. I moved twice- once in, once out. The only other time I left was for leave, and all my stuff stayed in my room.

Quite a few currently “move all the time”. I spoked out on construction jobs quite a bit, and ended up living out of my A-bags in three different countries in two weeks. A lot of the infantry guys living out at the FOBs were constantly rotating in and out of Bagram for whatever reason. EOD guys I know–forget it, they started shedding personal gear because it got too annoying to lug around.

It all depends on the war. When the invasions first kicked off, everyone was moving. Now that the wars have ‘settled down’, the “front lines” have technically dissolved, and people haven’t been moving forward like they used to. We’re more settled down into established bases. But, quite a few still move frequently, depending on the job.

“Bagram: the true Paris of the Silk Road” - me.

The OP said the guy was in Iraq now and asking for these things. What you say is true but the friend of the OP isn’t one of those guys. Of all the ppl in Iraq, a small fraction change homes a lot, and rarely do those guys not return to their “home” eventually (even if it takes a couple days).

If you go to, and poke around reading some of the stories that are posted there, you will see there is a wide variety of living conditions. Some people are moving around a lot, others never leave the base, and everything in between.