General things that make your blood boil

I have a few things…

  1. When drivers flip you off when they make a mistake
  2. When your parents make you eat more food even when you feel like you’re about to pop
  3. The scummy practices modern companies use to squeeze every penny they can out of you
  4. When people talk during class and makes lessons take way longer

I may have a few more, but that’s all I can think of at the moment. Would love to see your own list, too!


There’s a sonofabitch motherfucker at work who refuses to respect in any way the new social distancing protocols. He gets right up in your face, and can be counted on to do so regularly. I mean, none of those motherfuckers at my job wear masks or even acknowledge that there’s a fucking pandemic sweeping the Earth. The boss spits huge gobs of shit right on the floor next to where people eat their lunch. Fuck him. Fuck all of them. I swear to god, I’m the only asshole wearing a mask in that place. It’s a machine shop, so I’m also wearing earplugs and safety glasses. And I have to continue to do it because motherfuckers like those fuckwads are all over this country, disregarding the very simple ways we could cool this thing off. Fuck all of you motherfuckers. :grinning:

It’s my opinion that if someone without a mask on deliberately gets in my face, that constitutes assault, and I’m free to respond with whatever force is necessary to get him off me. Pretty sure a lawyer could make the case.

One maskless douchebag there, his wife is a nurse at a hospital. (Busy Chicago-ish hospital.) Another maskless douchebag, his wife is an aide in a veterans home. I would think that those two douchefucking bags would know better. It’s no secret anymore, Americans are for the most part dumb fucking idiotic people.

Only 2 things about my wife.

Especially that second one… ammiright, gang?

Ummm, YOU are in charge of what goes into your body. This includes other people, refrigerator magnets, odd appendages, and food.

(Unless your parents have got your wrists zip-tied to the chair… then just say the safe word and we’ll come free you)

Tailgaters. Back off, jasper!

Injustice. Kind of a “big item” gripe, but I hate it. I could wish there was such a thing as karma, and the books would magically balance themselves. No such luck.

Work meetings where we have an agenda and an end time and one guy, at the end of the meeting wants to re-hash everything. On, and on, and on.

Dude, you should have brought that up an hour ago, ya know WHEN WE WHERE TALKING ABOUT IT.

Oh yes to tailgaters. “Buddy, I’ve been driving over this pass for 30 years. I know what is safe and what is not. Your rental car and inability to drive is unsafe”

Bothered me when I just drove. Makes me flip the fuck out when on a motorcycle, though. Fender benders don’t exist for riders.

Fake news - but even more so, people who refuse to back down when fact-checked.

One that’s been making the rounds is “Obama got arrested for espionage.”

Rupert Murdoch. Everything else just has me shaking my head in bewilderment or despair. Unca Rupe makes me mad as fucking hell, and if my arteries weren’t all clogged, I reckon they’d rupture with my boiling blood.

One from this morning:

Every so often my Windows 10 computer puts on a splash page at start up saying “LET ME HELP YOU FINISH SETTING UP YOUR SYSTEM!” It then starts to extol the “advantages” of using face recognition as a password (I do not, at present, have a camera on my computer. I know this, because I chose and assembled the components of this machine and they do not include a camera), having my files default to some sort of cloud drive (nope, my stuff stays in my home, thank you very much, independent of the need to be connected to the internet, under my control, and I’m a big girl who has been managing her own backup needs for over two decades now), and so on and so forth.

Basically, I feel my system is already set up the way I like it and I get furious at Microsoft basically trying to insert themselves into my decisions. Fuck off, small-and-floppy.

Re: item 1, I remember when I was in Oregon, I was walking past a hospital parking lot entrance when this driver came rushing in off the street. Any normal driver would have realized he was driving into an area where he might encounter pedestrians and negotiate his speed and turn angle. Not this jackass. He nearly hit me, then had the nerve to flip me off as he kept driving.

I should have been pissed, but I was so stunned by the behavior in that context that I actually laughed and muttered “What the ever living fuck just happened?”

I hate not just the tailgaters behind me, also the ones in front of me on the highway tailgating the person in front of them so close that they are constantly tapping their brakes, causing me to be on extra alert in case I’m going to need to make a hard stop, even though I’m a sensible distance behind them.

Incidentally I posted that annoyance in a similar post years ago, and got into a minor argument with another poster who said if I was really a sensible distance away that should be a non-issue. I don’t remember who it was, but add them to the list as well :grin:

Or that one person in the meeting who causes it to drag on just because they love to hear themselves talk, going on and on, not really adding anything of value. There always seems to be at least one in every meeting.

Of course, tailgaters, and people in front of you who put their left blinker on at the last moment. Or, don’t use it until you beep the horn for them to proceed, and then they put it on. Or, who don’t use it at all, .

Unfettered capitalism > race-to-the-bottom dodgy third-party independent contractors taking over necessary services > dodgy service > restricted ability to complain and get any recourse or improved results.

Damn no-good freeloaders and bums on my lawn.

Oh gawd… at my job, we have two sorts of aggravators. One is the managerial type who feels like they haven’t represented their team/department if they don’t speak up and dispute or question something. Sometimes that’s good, but most of the time they’re just talking for the sake of talking, and not adding any value. In fact, their comments often muddy the waters and introduce confusion or unnecessary complication.

The other group of aggravators are the ones who are apparently just slow on the uptake. Nothing like getting to the 45th minute of an hour long meeting, and having somebody just get about half of it, and start pitching a fit without understanding what we just talked about. There are a few people who I dread in meetings because they do exactly that- they don’t understand things in real-time, and are often disruptive as they do actually ‘get’ things.

Some stuck-up jockey boy sittin’ on Dan Patch.