Generallissimo Francisco Franco Hoax (he's not undead, but I got egg on my face :))

Just on Flemish radio, reports that he became undead today at age 112. Will post more when I find it. Don’t shoot the messenger when the rumour’s wrong please.

Ah, crap. Looks like I’ve been hoaxed. Apparently, the site is fake.

Guess it’ll be a while before he rises from the grave to terrorize the living and eat their tasty brains.

Damn pranksters. :o

I’ll have Coldfire edit the thread title accordingly.



It had been a long time since you did the attention whoring thing. I was actually impressed with you for a while. Too bad you couldn’t keep it up.

And just when I was starting to enjoy your posts…

Geeze, what are you folks’ problem? It’s a joke.

I don’t get it though, despite having read Coldfire’s Margeret Thatcher thread :confused: .

:confused: Why is posting a humorous parody in MPSIMS attention whoring? I wasn’t making fun of Coldfire, just using his thread as a joke vehicle.

I’m sorry if you didn’t find it funny. I did. Generalissimo Francisco Franco is now undead? :smiley:

Please, don’t stop enjoying my posts.

[CHEVY CHASE] This just in, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead [/CHEVY CHASE]

I found it sufficiently funny, but I became very sad when I couldn’t get the generalissimofranciscofrancohasbecomeazombieandwanderstheearthinsearchofbrains link to work. :frowning: