Generational differences

Okay, in my Behavioral Management class we’re simulating an interview of a Gen X interviewee. My group is the interviewer(s), the professor is the Gen Xer.

Unfortunately, we’re deviating from the assignment (at the prof’s excitement and support), but we’re a little short on material that delineates the differences and general characteristics of an individual from Generation X.

Does anybody have any knowledge of a decent online resource I could check out to supplement our project?

Here’s a start:

Yer dictator,

(who is, for the record, a Tweener)

Interesting link, Knead. It but drips with angst. They seem to have different cutoffs than I’ve heard before (namely, GenXers being cut off in '88, as opposed to the '80 I’ve normally heard).

But the links section is providing some good support. Thanks.

Tweeners are about '78 to '82, right? Or are you between X and the Boomers?

Huh? The site says the cutoff is '61 - '81.

Oh. I was looking in the “Definitions of the Generations,” where they described Gen X as: “We are the current 15-35 year olds.”

After surfing through their links, I don’t think the site has been updated for quite some time now.

Tweeners are between Boomers and Xers. I never bought that “Gen X started when Kennedy died” crap. We’re also known as the “Baby Busters.”

Who ya gonna call?