Generic gift for woman

I need advice on a gift. Not to bore you with endless backstory, but this is a former co-worker (6 yrs) who did me a huge favor getting me on with a great job where she works now. We don’t have much relationship at all, she’s just a really nice person who helps everybody. I just want to get her a small thing to say thank you. All I know about her is she’s a foodie and she doesn’t have kids. Ideas?

Most people like popcorn. See if you can find a place that sells gourmet popcorn.

Williams Sonoma gift card. Or, go to their site and see what seasonal stuff they’ve got…

The generic gift is a small flowering potted desk plant, like a cyclamen or forced narcissus. Supermarkets have them, they are so common. Garden centers.

Penzey’s has gift boxes that were very well received when I gave them as office gifts last year.

Bottle 'o wine.

Advantage - if she doesn’t happen to like the sort you’ve chosen, it can become a useful take-to-someone-else’s-event object. Or she can make casserole with it :wink: Neither of these advantages accrue to the other traditional food gift of choice - chocolate.

I don’t know that I would send a potted plant, but little potted herbs of basil, thyme, and rosemary might be nice for a foodie.

rosemary Christmas tree, Yeti cup, infuser water bottle

Restaurant gift card.

Gift basket of food or spices, sauces & cooking things. Williams Sonoma, Harry & David, Dean & Deluca have them premade…or you can buy the supplies & make up your own.

Thanks all. I’m thinking about your suggestions.

This, for sure. I’m a foodie and a beer drinker. I really appreciate restaurant or bar gift cards.