<Generic Pop Culture Reference> Sequential Thread Titles!

MPSIMS Triple Play:

**They left me here all alone!
I’m being stalked by a crazy person. What can I do?
Please help me find New York Style Cinnamon Raisin Mini Bagel Chips **

It feels forbidden
I want to learn to Salsa!

Texas Dildo Massacre
Weird Cat Behavior, Volume XXXIX (or so)

Something to help you smile.
Tenant says my house is haunted!

Good news - my son didn’t get molested!
Anyone want to see a pic of my backside?

Share something creepy/spooky/eerie/scary.
Have you or your child taken private Guitar lessons?

aol isn’t moving
Should I see a Urologist for this? (embarassing TMI)

A WARNING For The Guys…

AAAACK! Penis Zit!

Texas Dildo Massacre
Good news - my son didn’t get molested!

It feels forbidden
Last minute Columbia, MO dopefest and gay bar adventure!
How feasible would it be to outlaw tipping?
An epiphany regarding a liberal paradox…
Strangest optical illusions you have seen
Spinning Rims - Am I the only one who thinks these things are dangerous?
First we kill all the doggies and the kitties
God: Incompetent middle manager?

If life gives you lemons…
Oranges. Wow.