Genes not found by the Human Genome project

As far as the male of the species goes:

Three Stooges Gene: Rarely dominant in females, can make males ‘hoot and holler’ at the sight of people getting hit with hammers and wooden planks.

Tool Gene: No, not the band who makes creepy videos, but the Black & Decker variety. Can make a grown man rip apart the Sunday paper just to get to the Home Depot flyer.

Flatulence Gene: Affects males of all ages.

I’m sure there’s more, but I’m no scientist. :smiley:

Here are some genes always passed down on the Y chromosone, though not everyone has them:

Soccer dad gene: If your father is a crass jerk who screams at all the players during your soccer games you will do the same things in 30 years.

Born again gene: If your father is a prominent conservative you will live a spoiled life filled with loose women, drugs and booze until you find God and follow in your dad’s footsteps.

The (try to) hit something overhead when you walk under it gene - Y connected as this appears to be an exclusive male trait. It is shown when a guy (any age) walks under a door jamb, awning, or anything horizontal above his path, and takes a swing at it, sometimes with a jump included.

That one’s on the X chromosome – it just gets expressed as the Stage Mother Gene in women.

Yet more evidence that I’m really a man. :smiley:

Or maybe it’s more of a contagious disease than a gene; I may have caught it from my 6’7" brother, who can hit a lot more things than I can.

Psst… doesn’t the “Y” chromosome have virtually no genes on it?

I’ve read a theory (I forget whose… Dawkins?) that because the X chromosome outnumbers the Y three to one, the Y chromosome lost most of its genes so that it would not be easily found and “selected out” by the competitive X’s in egg cells.

So perhaps there is actually a “man-hater” gene in women and a corresponding “passive-aggressive” gene in men. :smiley: